Dark Devotion Consumables List

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Dark Devotion Consumables List

  1. Poultice
  • Heals 1 damage orb.
  • Quest #1 reward.
  1. Stimulating flask
  • Refills stamina meter.
  • Quest #2 reward.
  1. Strange Poultice
  • Removes one disease/curse.
  • Quest #7 reward.
  1. Pieces of Armor
  • Fixes two armor shields.
  • Quest #3 reward.
  1. Sacred Grimoire Pages
  • Adds 30 faith to your meter.
  • Unlocked by the NPC Saint Gilad if you talk to him (after killing the Executioner?)
  1. Godless Idol
  • Set on the ground. Explodes after a short time. Can destroy walls and damage enemies.
  • Unlocked by the NPC Disillusioned Templar in the Carnelian Palace, Alabaster Citadel.
  1. Surgical Device
  • Removes one disease/curse at the cost of 1 damage orb.
  • Unlocked by the NPC, The Moth Gatherer in the Graceless Forest, Den of Corrupted Nature, when you exhaust his dialogue options.
  1. Black Coated Needles
  • +3 Faith upon hitting foes.
  • Unlocked by kneeling before an NPC in Cloister of the Chosen, near the entrance to the Carnelian Palace.
  1. Throwing Knife
  • Ranged damage. Can be collected again. Long arc.
  • Unlocked by escorting the Dicecaster NPC along the Hallway of the Chosen to the Cloister in the Alabaster Citadel.
  1. Throwing Axe
  • Ranged damage.
  • Found in a chest in front of the Beast Tamer in the Purged Hamlet, room before The First One boss.
  1. Corrupted Seeds
  • Stuns enemies around you.
  • Quest #6 reward.
  1. Holy Water
  • +20% damage for 30 seconds. Duration resets upon killing a foe.
  • Quest #9 reward.
  1. Mass Page
  • Doubles faith gain for 60 seconds.
  • Quest #8 reward.
  1. Protective Sphere
  • Produces a shield that blocks two hits.
  • Grab a Rusty Key consumable item from the Gloomy Cellblock in the Ancient Dungeon, then work your wall down to the Cloister of the Chosen without dying and unlock the cage with the chest in.
  1. Pestilential Idol
  • Creates a toxic cloud that deals minor damage over time to enemies within.
  • Quest #5 reward.
  1. Incendiary Idol
  • Creates a puddle of flames that deals minor burning damage over time to enemies within.
  • Can burn down root walls in the Den of Corrupted Nature.
  • Quest #4 reward.
  1. Porous Gemstone
  • Carrying this stone prevents bosses you’ve defeated from spawning again.
  • Using the item in your inventory will create a portal to return you to the Filthblood Shelter.

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