Curse of the Dead Gods Essential Tips for Beginners

Curse of the Dead Gods game guide focuses on Essential Tips Beginners. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Don’t Wait and Explore

Exploration is the key to a successful run sure it can be frightening but rewards almost always outweigh the risks.

Each alternate path might lead you to a hidden room with new weapons relics or gold. The temple is an intricate place full of secrets to discover. The more you explore the better prepared you’ll be to face the gods.

Seek the Light

You start your journey with a single machete, a pistol and a torch. The darkness is one of your most treacherous foes. Most areas are filled with traps or groups of enemies hiding in the dark. And it’s unwise to face them without a trusty source of light. Thankfully the game offers you plenty voice to illuminate your surroundings. You can light fire, torches, cobwebs or even the enemies themselves.

Remember that fighting in the dark will cause you to take more damage from every attack.

Managing the Stamina

If you’ve played a lot of action RPG games you’ll probably be familiar with the stamina mechanic: the little white pips under your character represents your stamina. Managing this gauge is the key to success.

Stamina is drained by performing combo finishers, ranged attacks, two-handed attacks and dodging. Make sure to always conserve some points or you may not be able to avoid damage at a critical moment. A well-timed perfect dodge restores one stamina and look out for weapons and relics that give you a stamina boost.


Traps can be tricky and dangerous for you. But also your enemies when you must face multiple foes or a tough one it’s always a good idea to scout out your surroundings to see what’s available in the environment. You can push foes and spikes with certain weapons or combos or lure them near a flame spewing statue and set it on fire to decimate them. There are many ways to be creative in combat.


The temple is a dark and ancient labyrinth waiting to slowly kill you or at least corrupt your soul. The purple curse bar at the bottom right of your screen represents your corruption.

Taking damage from certain attacks offering your blood to a shrine or even entering a new room corrupts your soul.

If you reach 100 corruption you’ll be inflicted with a randomly selected curse. Many curses are a double-edged sword putting a twist on some gameplay mechanics. For example a curse that causes enemies to explode after dying gives you another obstacle to worry about but also lets you trigger deadly chain reactions to clear a room fast.

Your Gold or Your Blood

If you don’t have enough gold to buy a new weapon or relic at a shrine you can sacrifice your own blood to get what you need. Each item displays its cost in gold but also in corruption if you decide to offer your blood to the twisted gods.

Make sure to be fully prepared if you want to be greedy and keep an eye on your corruption bar. Sacrificing for a powerful weapon at the start may offer a strong early game advantage. Your choice might come back to bite you before the end.

Unlock Blessings

When you die in curse of the dead gods you’ll lose all the weapons relics and gold you’re carrying. Fortunately you do keep the crystal skulls you’ve gained during your exploration. Crystal skulls are a currency that can be exchanged for permanent powerful blessings that give you a boost at the beginning of each run. They allow you to create your own build with great synergies experiment with different combinations.

A Video Guide

You can also watch the video that you can find all these writing things.

This is the ending of Curse of the Dead Gods Essential Tips Beginners guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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