Crossroads Inn Rooms Guide

Crossroads Inngame guide focuses on Rooms/ buildings. These rooms are Initial Building, Storage, Main hall, Gaming room, Staff rooms, Guest room, Private room. The guide will give you basic tips on all rooms/ buildings for Crossroads Inn game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn is a real time management sim set in an original fantasy world of Delcrys. Build and manage your tavern, make visiting adventurers happy, and make your services famous all over the land.

In Sandbox mode gamers will focus solely on managing their business and economy – to build their very own tavern, hire and oversee staff, manage the supply chains and create new dish recipes. In Campaign mode, micromanagement is just a prelude to a rich story as the kingdom is in turmoil and a shift of power is expected. Your Inn will soon attract the attention of important political and military figures, who are desperately trying to hold on to the reins of power. Gamers will become part of a large-scale drama full of political intrigues, vivid characters, treacherous NPC’s and dangerous quests inspired by RPG games – You will even have a damsel in distress to save!

Crossroads Inn Achievements Guide


Initial Building

Initial Building – plan ahead, deleting tiles is costly. I like to start at the path, I don’t leave any space in front of the inn. It is better to have larger areas, easier to optimize the use the space.

Empty Room

A vital element of a very inn since it connects separate chambers. You can use it to snack out of your lover’s room in the morning or fall asleep (also in the morning) after a long night of hard-drinking.


Kitchen is your main hub for producing, have the cauldron, etc close to the main hall. Put the wood holder close to cauldron etc and put it on higher priority so that your cooks and servers don’t have to walk too far for wood when cooking.


Storage – I just have a larger kitchen and store everything there, less doors, less walking. Or I have a bit of storage outside, next to production buildings. You can set what is stored in the storage. Grain for chicken coop, hops for brewery.

Main hall

In the Main hall place the counter with the back towards the tables, so that servers don’t have to circle around the counter for drinks. Guest will walk to the front of the counter. Leave isles between furniture, so that guests and servers can walk. Have barrels close to the counter, so that counter can be quickly refilled. I use one barrel for each type of alcohol I serve.

Gaming room

Gaming room needs fame 22, gaming chairs with chairs, guest who want to play and a scoundrel. Currently there is a bug that scoundrel will always stay at the gaming table.

Staff rooms

  • A room where your employees go to relax or complete some minor chores. Their favourite activity, however, is something entirely different: Complaining and blabbing about their employer.
  • Staff rooms needs beds, staff just sleeps there.

Guest room

Guest room needs beds. The prettier the room is, the more you can charge. So buy nice beds and decorate when you have money. The guest room is a dormitory, so a nice big room with loads of beds.

Private room

Private room needs a bed and other furniture based on the guest wishes. Guest with keys. Adventurers want usually a bed, chest and chamber pot, bards a bed, decorative table (not a regular one) and chamber pot. Chests and the antler head decoration are also on the map. Chest. elegant desk and chamber pot should unlock with unlocking adventurers. The Vendettas want their special bed, changing screen and a mirror desk (dresser). Vedetta furniture unlocks with unlocking vedetta. I usually have 4 square rooms.

This is the ending of Crossroads Inn Rooms Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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