Crossroads Inn Achievements Guide – How to Find All Unlocked

Crossroads Inn game guide focuses on how to get all achievements. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks on how to get unlock achievements. In this guide you can find all unlocked achievements by playing the campaign in Crossroads Inn game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

All Campaign Achievements

In this guide, you can find all unlocked achievements by playing the campaign!

Did Not Live Up to the Name

Finish the game with a bad ending

This achievement you will get if you eliminate all factions during act 3 while trying to appease chancellor trovin

  • -Just always do what the baron says and follow his advice till you end act 3 and reach martyns funeral
  • -There will be no factions left so the only person you can speak to is the baroness – she will lead you to the decision to stay an innkepper
  • -After the last dialog the baron is killed and when you turn back to your inn the game will display “failure” and the achievement will unlock.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Finish the game with a good ending

Same as above, but you should always do what martin says during act 3 so that there are 5 factions+the baroness attending the funeral

  • -If you choose the baroness you stay an innkeeper but will unlock the achievement.
  • If you choose one of the factions you get 4 new tasks that are very bugged and hard/impossible to solve – this might lead you further but it will have no influence on the achievements.

The End

Finish Act 3

It sounds straight forward but is actually really hard if you try it unprepared.

  • Before you even encounter trovin you should make shure you can handle his bans and taxes.
  • So before you hire a vendeta at the beginning prepare the following: collect 100 guilded water in your storage; remove all upper floors and build what you need on the ground, make sure you have enough money to pay some taxes.

During act 3 there will be a tax on income.

  • Make sure to get rid of your money in the right moment by buying furniture that you can resell once the ban is lifted.
  • This tax will count any money beyond the 1500 limit so even a short moment with too much funds will cause (high)taxes.
  • In this case make sure you are able to delay Trovin long enough to get rid of him and solve the tasks with Baron/Martin asap (or use a savegame) – if you can´t do that it will be game over.
  • During the fire-ban you should sell all torches and candles – you can reinstall them later.
  • Make sure to solve Martyns / Baron quests as fast as possible if you cant avoid a certain tax.
  • It is helpful to have empty shelves or barrels ready(or have enough money to buy them when needed) to store quest related things like guilded water (needs shelf to be stored) in them (make sure you limit the inventory of those shelves/barrels so that nothing else is stored there).
  • If you get items like food or booze during a quest they will be placed outside your main entrance on the street – they will only appear in your inventory after they are picked up and stored(build a shelf / barrel for them).

Oh, Well

Refuse to pay your debt to Trovin

Have at least some tax to pay in act 3(very easy task).

  • Use the dialogue to refuse the payment.
  • Since trovin will bother you regularly you can try every dialogue option.
  • Once you have forced him to let you go he will just come back a few minutes later but you can´t use any dialouge twice for the same tax so your options will get fewer with every visit of him.
  • In the end you have to pay or it will be game over but the process of delaying the payment will unlock the achievment!


Finish Act 2

Should be no big problem, but be aware that you can either finish act 2 with the seers or the guildbones – which relate to other achievements.

  • Some people may have difficulties in getting the adventurer quests right –
  • make sure you unlock information with gossip and send the adventurer to the right spots within the places(highest success chance).

You will get certain events like beggars and pillagers who want to talk to you

  • -treat the beggars nicely and give them what they want(In my case they wanted onions and salad all the time)
  • -they will sometimes offer you extra gossip!
  • Use the trading soldiers to get decoration items(you might have to create certain faction rooms later) or trade better furniture for your inn.
  • When they offer you things you already have, chase them away – this might boost certain groups within the inn.

Golden Future

Join forces with the Gildebones

Just finish act 2 without the help of the seers.

  • Be aware that it still may be necessary to speak to the seer in order to progress the story
  • The dialogue and appearance of people may be interconnected
  • Use savegames before you decide critical story elements or before you start/finish critical tasks. Be aware that you sometimes do not get the proper indicators on people
  • Sometimes you have to check characters manually if they still have to say something.

I See a Bright Future For You!

Join forces with the Seers

  • Same as the guildbones but from the seer perspective.
  • You have to play act 2 twice if you want to get both achievments (use savegames)

That Thing About The Countess

Finish Act 1

  • -be aware that things like the nude-painting might not show in the right furniture-tab when you got them
  • -use the unsorted “all” overview to check if you have the painting, same goes for installation of the bard stage, martyn grave and martyn painting later in the game.
  • Make sure to unlock all misssion information with gossip; choose the right place to steal the painting.
  • Look out for unfinished dialogue or task when you don´t get progress.

Something Ends, Something Begins

Finish prologue

  • Just follow the instructions as good as possible.
  • Look out for game mechanics you haven’t discoverd or understood yet.

We’re All Friends Here, Right?

Convince Rockburry not to send his men on you

  • Use the dialouge options as best you can.

This is the ending of Crossroads Inn All Achievements Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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