Company of Heroes 2 – Management Basic Tips

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain some tips and basic guide management for Company of Heroes 2. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Management Basic Tips

Bootcamp Basics

Before we proceed with the actual guide, do take note of this:

No matter what faction you play as in the game, the game mechanics will always remain the same.

Factions only provide special features that will help you gaining control over the game mechanic the game world of Company of Heroes 2 is ruled upon. Everything your faction of choice can do is judged under the same rules the other factions can do. All infantry benefits from cover, all vehicles can suffer engine damage critical, and all units calculate their accuracy with the same formula in the game mechanic.

It doesn’t really matter what faction you play as, but what dictates your control in the match is dependent on how well you utilize the strengths of your faction (Or even just your units at the micro-level, but we’ll get there in a second)

The Basics of Management

There is no such thing as micromanagement, only management.

It doesn’t matter if you manage a few squads or many squads, but what matters is how you manage them and where your management is focusing at.

You may have reached population cap and have a lot of units in the battlefield, but you don’t have to focus your management at all your units at the same time. Support units like MGs, AT guns, and Mortars can be left out of focus once they are deployed, saving you some management focus on other units that may require your attention, like frontline infantry under attack, or your damaged tank still close to the frontlines, or even just your ally who may need some help because the entire enemy team has set their focus on your ally.

Your focus is precious because it is limited. Your focus dictates your management capability. If you are able to focus on a lot of activity at the same time, you can manage more, but if not, then you can manage less. It doesn’t mean you’re bad at the game, you focus just cannot handle so much activity at the same time because of how limited it is.

If you want to improve your management, improve your focus.
Micromanagement is “Focused Management”.

Management Planning, Management Priority, and Battlefield Understanding

Time never remains the same

The battlefield is an active environment, always changing, never the same. No defense can stand the testament of time, nor can it withstand the time your enemy gains the ability of indiscriminate artillery. No offense can keep steamrolling, nor can it react quickly enough when the enemy manages to flank and counterattacks.

Part of management is understanding the state of the battlefield:
The enemy has captured the fuel point for a very long time? Then prepare for enemy tanks and get some AT guns.
The enemy is focusing on one side? Then flank the enemy and cut the main force off.
The enemy is not attacking? They must be setting up defenses on strategic positions.

Those are but a few examples of battlefield conditions, and knowing the battlefield will help you decide what to prioritize on.

Managing unit conditions is also important, as it reflects your current status in the battlefield.
This is where utilizing cover, grenades, sight lines, and even just reserve units is crucial in keeping your status decent or at least better than the enemy.

Understand the battlefield, meet what is required.
Whoever pleases the battlefield first controls the battlefield.
Whoever pleases the battlefield second controls the future.

Factions, Commanders, Unit Types, Equipment and Resources

You are special, and so as your enemy

Everything below will help you how to manage your assets to control the battlefield.

Unit Types, Factions, and Commanders are what gives you the special feature that will help you gain an advantage in controlling the battlefield. Utilizing their strengths and knowing their weaknesses is crucial in managing the state of the battlefield.

Infantry with SMGs will gain an advantage at short ranges, but is backfired when faced with infantry with rifles, who are specialized at long-range combat. This is the reason why you should never go near Shock Troops and let your Grenadiers and Volksgrenadiers be as far away as possible from them. It will take time before they’ll die, but at least it’s better than letting yours die.
Being patient and keeping your units alive is key to proper management.

It should come to note that countering the enemy is what you should focus on.
Blobbers can be countered with HMGs and Mortars (HMG for suppression, Mortar for AoE damage, killing as many units as possible)
Sniper fans can be countered with overwhelming or rapid force (Sniper will take a lot of management focus, so overwhelming or even just making a rapid event should break the focus momentarily)
Sim Cities and defensive positions will hate any and all forms of artillery (From Mortars to Rockets to Howitzer Artillery, because indiscriminate artillery is powerful against static targets)
In fact, your basic infantry unit should be able to counter anything, whether it be infantry, vehicles, or tanks, as long as they are properly equipped. For example, Grenadiers and Volksgrenadiers have panzerfausts, Conscripts have AT grenades, while USF and Brits have AT-weapon racks.

Also try to notice how your enemy acts and reacts. Specific Factions and Commanders will come in play to how it is performed.

All the mentioned above is countered by a game mechanic: Resources
Everything requires resources, so managing your resources is key if you don’t want the game to counter your mistakes with resource deduction. The game will praise the enemy for their good actions by punishing your mistakes with resource deduction.
Veterancy is a unit resource, so keeping units alive that has accumulated veterancy will help you in controlling the battlefield.

Everything in the game is powerful against what they are meant to counter


This is the ending of Company of Heroes 2 – Management Basic Tips guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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