Come Back: Chapter 1 – Get All Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome, visitors. Come Back: Chapter 1 game guide focuses on how to Get All Achievement Guide and Walkthrough to find all achievements guide.  This guide will give you some basic tips, tricks, and tactical advice on how to find and how to get all achievements and walkthroughs guide. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Come Back is an enigmatic point’n’click where you wake up, lost on a mysterious shore. You’ll have to discover your whereabouts and to find out who’s leaving these notes everywhere… This original adventure will challenge your logic with its brain teasers and eye-catching artstyle!

Main Features:

  • A never seen before eye-catching artstyle!
  • Difficult puzzles that will leave you confused for quite a long time
  • A distressing story that tackles a hard issue: domestic violence.
  • More than 20 different scenes to visit on two islands in the first chapter.
  • More chapters are coming to continue the story…

Come Back: Chapter 1 – Get All Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

Come Back: Chapter 1 is a short point and click adventure with a total of fifteen achievements.


  • Click on the wooden door 50 times and anywhere 250 more times.

This game is hard!
Miss your try 50 times.

Try harder!
Click 300 times anywhere.

  • Read the first note (message in a bottle) and go upstairs.

Who left that?
Find your first note.

  • Head to the berth, take the axe and read the second note.
  • Go back to the center of the island and approach the waterfall.
  • Cut the right lianas with the axe and read the third note.
  • Back at the beach, destroy the wooden door with the axe.
  • Take both the paddles and the spade and read the fourth note.
  • Go to the berth and use the paddles on the boat to reach the second part of the island.
  • With the spade, dig at the marked spot and read the fifth note.
  • Go to the pier and take both the crowbar and the satellite dish.
  • Head back to the first part of the island.
  • Visit the “Rock” location, use the crowbar on the big rock and enter the cave.
  • Click on the skull, take the coconut and open the chest to obtain a battery.

Gray Beard’s Bounty
Find what’s left of the pirate.

  • Back at the second part of the island, enter the right part of the big building.
  • Place the satellite dish and the battery to turn on the radio.

Repair the radio transmitter.

  • Listen to the secret frequency: 169.

Have we lost Paulette?
Find Maurice’s secret frequency!

  • Listen to the Morse code frequency: 243 and take the sixth note.
  • Leave and go into the woods.
  • Approach the box and enter the secret Morse code: “.-…–.”

Find the secret morse code.

  • Enter the correct Morse code: “-…..-.”
  • Take the seventh note and the key.
  • Go inside the big building and mix eight times crab + rice. Leave to reset the minigame.

Five-star chef
Miss 8 dishes.

  • Mix the mango with the bananas.

Beach cocktail
Make a refreshing smoothie.

  • Mix the coconut from your inventory with the walnut and read the eighth note.
  • Head back to the first part of the island.
  • Go to the building and unlock the door with the key.
  • Enter the animal sequence: pig – snake – bird – puffer fish.
  • Interact with the left lever and take the key.
  • Enter the secret code: 123456 .

[email protected]
Enter the secret super secure code in the machine.

  • Enter the correct code: 275369.
  • Read the ninth note and take the light bulb.
  • Open the locked door, read the tenth note and click on the board.

I know it’s useless but it helps me thinking!
Click the words on the board.

  • Find another key behind the portrait above the bed.
  • Go back to the other part of the island.
  • Enter the central building and go to the room on the left.
  • Reset the minigame eight times.

Maximum power
Reset the water levels too many times.

  • Drain the waterfall: 1-2-2-1-1-3-3-3-4-4-2-2-1-1 .

Mystery drain
Drain the waterfall.

  • Head to the waterfall.
  • Take the ladder and go to the lighthouse.
  • Open the letter box to get the eleventh note.
  • Climb to the top of the lighthouse, place the light bulb and quickly grab the last note.

If you miss the last note or the drawer remains locked, reload the game and try it again.

Find every notes in the first chapter.

Chapter 1 Finished
Finish the first chapter of the game.

This is the ending of Come Back: Chapter 1 – Get All Achievement Guide & Walkthrough guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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