Coffee Talk Achievements Guide

Coffee Talk game guide focuses on how to get all achievements guide. The guide will give you walkthrough on getting all achievements. We hope that this guide will help you.

While you get achievements, you need some recipes for drink. Here is a full list of drink recipes:

1. Achievements

  • Welcome to Coffee Talk

Start a new game

  • Coffee and Chill

Get All achievements

If you want to earn achievements fast you do not need to read the story. Fast forward all speech and serve the correct coffee. Also you can reload each day as many times as you like so no room for error.

  • Art Connoisseur

Get All gallery

As you progress through the game you’ll unlock Gallery pictures. You can view them on the Start Menu. I can confirm that they unlock as the story is completed. Each pic shown at the ending is its own gallery picture.

I can not confirm if you unlock pics by getting 3 bars on every characters social media page. To be safe just make sure to serve every character the drink they request. I have a drink list on the Master Brewer guide.

Also important:

  1. Serve Gala the Gala Had when hes a werewolf on Day 11: tea/milk/ginger
  2. Serve Neil the Milky Way on Day 8: milk/honey/mint
  3. Serve Freya the Bedchamber on Day 11: milk/cinnamon/honey. She WANTS an espresso, but NEEDS a Bedchamber. It’s the only time you don’t serve what the customer request.
  • Barista Guru

Serve 50 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode

To do this, you’ll need 50 correct drink orders (they don’t have to be consequtive) in Endless mode.

Each flavour profile — warm, cool, sweet and bitter — has 8 bars and the strength of the flavour is classified as follows:

– No: 0 bars

– Less: 1-3 bars

– Category name (ie Sweet): 4-5 bars

– Extra: 6-8 bars

Here are all the known drinks, their names and their flavour profiles to help in meeting orders.

  • Social media fever

Unlock all of the characters social media profile

To get this achievement you need to get all three bars filled up for each character. This requires you to serve them the correct drinks. When you learn a characters name they will appear on your phone. Press X and select Tomodachill to see your progress. You need three blue bars on all 11 characters.

I highly suggest playing ENDLESS MODE and getting all the special drinks first. Check out my guide on Master Brewer

to get all the drink combos. This will take away most of the guess work.

It’s pretty simple to follow their request. There’s only three that I would pay attention to.

  1. Serve Gala the Gala Had drink when he request a secret combo. Especially on Day 11: Tea/milk/ginger
  2. Serve Neil Milky Way when he wants you to “Surprise him”Day 8: milk/honey/mint
  3. Serve Freya the Bedchamber on Day 11: milk/cinnamon/honey. She WANTS an espresso, but NEEDS a Bedchamber. It’s the only time you don’t serve what the customer request.
  • Master Brewer

Unlock all special drinks

For this you need all 30 drink combos. The drinks will have special names and they show up on the Brewpad menu on your phone. Just press X to bring up the menus. There are 9 coffee drinks, 6 tea drinks, 5 green tea drinks, 5 chocolate drinks, and 5 milk drinks.

 Recipes List

  • Barista Expert

Serve 25 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode

You need to serve 25 correct drinks. The first 10 drinks are easy. The customers will tell you exactly what 3 ingredients they want and in which order. Every drink you get right will add more time to the timer. So being fast helps you out.

So if Niel wants a coffee, with ginger, and honey, then make it just like that. Coffee/ginger/honey. Sometimes they’ll request a two item drink. They’ll want a Lemon Coffee. Just use coffee and double the second item. So coffee/lemon/lemon.

Eventually the drinks become more complex. They start to order specialty drinks. Lucky for you I have the complete list of special drinks on the Master Brewer guide.

Next they’ll ask for drinks in a backwards order. Its easy. Just pause and read. So when they order a ginger and mint coffee they want coffee/ginger/mint. Keep this up and the next drinks get more into description. I have a short list to help out. This should get you to 35 served drinks. After that and the difficulty really ramps up. The last 15 for 50 served is hard.

  • Barista Trainee

Serve 10 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode

  • Art takes time

Spent a total of 1 hour making Latte Art

Make a Caffe Latte.

Caffe Latte= Coffee/Milk/Milk

When it’s brewed you can trash it, serve it, or do Latte Art. Pick Latte Art and have fun staring at a coffee cup for 1 hour.

  • Is that it?

Play the story mode to conclusion once

You just have to beat the game. Serve everyone the correct drinks or be rude and serve them wrong drinks. It doesn’t matter.

  • Aremy Jendrew

Listen to all the songs

Press X to open up your phone menu. Go to Shuffl’d and press Y. All the music options will appear. Just select each one and press A. You don’t need to listen to the whole song.

  • Stop it!

Trash a total of 25 drinks

Has to be done on story mode. You can only trash 5 drink before you are forced to serve. So Trash 5 drinks and reload the same day. Repeat 4 more times and congratulations on wasting good coffee.

  • We are all friends

Meet every characters in the game

Story Related and can’t be missed. As you progress through the game you meet all the characters. You need to learn their names though. That just comes along naturally as you progress.

  • Is this it?

Serve the wrong drink for the first time

You’ll have plenty of chances to mess up. In the game and in real life. So the first customer you meet wants an ES-PRESS-0.

So serve her any combo flavor except Coffee/Coffee/Coffee. That will make an espresso and you will have messed up on messing up

  • Achievement Unlocked!

Reach a certain point in the story

This one is story related.

On Day 3 or Thursday, September 24th, 2020.

A catgirl (Nekomimi) will show up in the shop and ask for milk. Serve her the Milk Drink.

Milk= Milk/Milk/Milk

Later on she breaks the 4th wall and achievement unlocked. I actually thought is was quite funny how you get this.

  • It’s a masterpiece!

Create and serve your first latte art. First make a Cafe Latte.

Cafe Latte= Coffee/Milk/Milk

When it’s brewed you can make latte art. Just make anything. It doesn’t matter what you create. Serve and enjoy a hot cup of achievement.

  • First Brew

Brew your first drink

Just make your first cup of coffee. The very first character wants an Expresso Expresso= Coffee/Coffee/Coffee

Serve your drink and achievement unlocked.

  • Let me start over

Trash your drink for the first time

Make any drink and when it’s brewed just trash it. You can do this in Story Mode.

2. Secret Achievements

  • God of Caffeine

Find the secret behind the barista

At the end of the game you will meet a mystery person. You talk to them and you find out you need to re-play 4 certain days.

  1. Replay: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020
  2. Replay: Thursday, September 24th, 2020
  3. Replay: Tuesday, September 29th, 2020
  4. Replay: Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Achievement pops after you’re done talking to mystery person again. If you replay those days and get dialogue you can’t skip you’re doing it correctly.

  • Gala had a fit!

Serve Gala Had when Gala turns into a werewolf

There’s a werewolf character in the game named Gala. He want’s you to research a calming drink for him.

On Friday, October 2nd, 2020 or Day 11 Gala will appear in Werewolf form. Serve him a Gala Had drink.

Gala Had= Tea/Milk/Ginger

In that order. Achievement Unlocked.

  • Father and Daughter

You might get this by just completing each day, but to be safe make sure to serve the characters the correct drink. The reason for this is because certain characters don’t show up in the Velvet Family Arc if you serve bad drinks and also there’s a bad outcome. So to be safe:

  1. Serve what the customer asks for.
  2. Serve Gala the Gala Had tea/milk/ginger when hes a Werewolf.
  3. Serve Hendry milk/milk/milk when Rachel ask you to.

This insures that Gala will be on the scene when the Velvet Family needs him to be. Also results in the happy ending arc.

  • Love of my life

Finish Lua and Baileys’ arc

You might get this just for completing each day and seeing the Story Arc play out for the Elf and Succubus. To be on the safe side make sure to serve them only the drink they ask for.

  • There’s a spark

Finish Gala and Hyde’s arc

For this Arc to end happy you need to:

  1. Serve the correct drinks to the Werewolf and Vampire.
  2. Serve Gala the Gala Had tea/milk/ginger when hes a Werewolf.

This insures that Gala shows up at the last game segments. Also results in the happy ending arc.

  • Interstellar support

Help Neil to help you

There is a character wearing a Astronaut suit. You meet him 3 different times. On the 3rd encounter Day10 Thursday, October 1st, 2020 he will ask to work at the coffee shop. You don’t get to choose yes or no. It’s just yes.

Might be glitchy. This popped randomly for me later on.

Also I don’t know if you need to hit these parameters, but just in case.

Day5 Saturday, September 26th, 2020: Serve Astroboy any drink.

Day8 Tuesday, September 29th, 2020: Serve Astroboy a Milky Way.

Milky Way= Milk/Honey/Mint in that order.

You meet him one last time on Day10 Thursday, October 1st, 2020 when he ask for a one day job.

This is the ending of Coffee Talk Achievements Guide . Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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