Cadria Item Shop Trial Guide (How to Unlock, Locations, Maps)

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Trial Guide


Trials are located in tavern on the bottom left side.

To be able to attend trials you need to unlock horcrux keys. Horcrux keys are 8th slot on heroes.

After reaching certain level you can unlock 8th slot(buying horcrux key).

  • Horcrux keys can be bought only with diamonds.
  • You can level up given key for each hero by consuming blue and higher crafted items.
  • Preferred hero items(Green) give more XP then less preferred(Yellow, Red). For example: If you take Sean, he likes dagger(green), axe(yellow) and hammer(red). If you have each item of same level and quality dagger will give him more XP than axe and axe will give more XP than hammer – therefore its adviced to use most preferred items(green) on upgrading horcrux keys.
  • Higher quality items gives more XP comparable to lower ones, for example: rare dagger will give less XP than epic and epic will give less than legendary etc.
  • After you reach certain level of horcrux key you will be able to only use epic items and higher to upgrade key, and after reaching even higher level you will be able to use only legendary and higher etc.
  • There are several types of horcrux keys depending on hero accessibility:
1st town heroesSean, Esser, Kurara etc.hero lvl 6*50
2nd town heroesRita, Luca, Ulrica etc.hero lvl 9*75
3rd town heroes and event heroKatrina, Floyd, Kay etc. and Edwardhero lvl 12*125
4th town heroesBaric, Sya, Greg etc.hero lvl 15*200
5th town heroes, faction heroes and event heroesUrk, Aldria, Grace etc.hero lvl 18300
paid heroesKuru II, etc.hero lvl 18 or less500

Horcrux types differ in how much HP they get with each level and what is their starting HP. The more expensive ones give more starting HP and HP per level.
Specific values will be added later. [TODO]

You can unlock 3 types of trials depending on how many horcrux keys you have unlocked.

  • Easy
    • resets each 24 Hours,
    • starting cost: 100 food,
    • short route,
    • reward: 3 chests(1 free, 30 diamond rest each),
    • chests contains atleast 1 picture piece, 170-270* Starweave, max. 3* different picture pieces
    • Unlock condition: having 3* horcrux keys
  • Medium
    • resets each 48 Hours,
    • starting cost: 160 food,
    • medium route,
    • reward: 6 chests(2 free, 40 diamonds rest each),
    • chests contains atleast 1 picture piece, 220-350* Starweave, max. 5* different picture pieces
    • Unlock condition: having 10* horcrux keys
  • Hard
    • resets each 72 Hours,
    • starting cost: 220 food,
    • long route,
    • reward: 9 chests(3 free, 50 diamonds rest each),
    • chests contains atleast 1 picture piece, 270-500* Starweave, max.6* different picture pieces
    • Unlock condition: having 20 horcrux keys

*not 100% sure about this numbers

Food stuff:

  • Food starting cap is 720.
  • Food auto-refill 1 food per 2 minutes
  • You can buy 120 food for 20 diamonds or refill to cap for calculated value(6 food for 1 diamond)
  • Food auto-refill during active trial aswell
  • You get 720 food per day for free(But if you reach cap you won’t get more food, need to spend some first)
  • Each member in squad eats 8 food per roll, so 2 person squad roll cost is 16, 4 person squad roll cost 32 etc.


  • Trials can contain more than 1 piece from same picture(max. 3 on Hard) – didnt saw more for now.
  • If you already own given piece you will get 300 Starweave instead.
  • If you have already completed picture, you can still get trials giving you piece of that picture, but you won’t get pieces you already own in trial shop(redeem).
  • You can open chest any time after completing trial, not necessary you must open all chest when u finish. If you dont have enough diamonds you can come later and open then when you have diamonds, but after reset any unopened chests will disappear.



NameNumber of cyclesBoss Health/Damage
Forrest of Illusion0*TODO
Forrest Swamp0*TODO
Fairy Castle0*60811
Northen Frozen Land062500
Void Land066176
NameNumber of cyclesBoss Health/Damage
Poisonous Hive2141045
Desert Ruins2159091
Rebel Camp1*TODO
NameNumber of cyclesBoss Health/Damage
Magus Territorium1289474
Valley of the Winds1*300000
Crystal Cave0-1383721

Point types

Empty circleNothing happens
Red squareLose 5% HP
Yellow squareLose 20% Combat points for 3 turns
Cyan square35% chance to get stucked at that point
Brown squareMove cost double food or lose 5% HP and next move cost double food
Purple squareNext move cost double food
Gray squareMove back to your last position
PortalTeleport to same colored portal
TownGet 120 food and recover 20% HP for 20 diamonds
VillageGet 120 food for 10 diamonds
CampRecover 20% HP for 10 diamonds
ChurchIncrease Combat points by 20% for 3 turns
Hot SpringRecover 15% HP
Question markchest(open with 25 diamonds or key), quiz or teleport
IdolContains 80-360* Starweave crystals
Den3 Battles
BossFinal Battle


There are 3 types of battles:

  • Normal Battle – 1 Battle, if win you get some gold and some trial resources
  • Den Battle – 3 Battles, if win you get more gold and more trial resources
  • Boss Battle – 1 Battle, if win you get more gold and more trial resources

In battle you can achieve 3 results:

  • You get merely win and take full enemy dmg – you lose HP = enemy full attack.
  • You get perfect win – you lose HP = 1/3 of enemy full attack
  • You get decisive win – you lose HP = 1/10 of enemy full attack


  • Each type of trial give their specific resource in won battles(Easy – Heart of Anxious, Medium – Cross of Pain, Hard – Orb of Light), you need them for crafting several books.
  • In Battles you lose HP in all results.
  • If you have less HP then the enemy full attack you fail trial.
  • If you fail trial you can continue where you ended last time – if it was battle of any kind, Damage/HP of given enemy will be halved.
  • You can abandom trial at any time(Button on top left side), everything works as if you have failed trial then(CD, continue trial etc.)
  • Each time you start new or start continue trial it will cost you same starting food depending on trial type(100,160,220).

Trial shop

Trial shop is located in tavern>trials>button on right side in middle

There are two types:

  • Adventure shop:

  • Redeem:

Adventure shop

Contains items that can help you finish trials and can be bought only with diamonds.

Chef hat+120 food and +120 capacity(max. 1200 food capacity)2001
Class PlateIncrease Combat Points by 40% for 5 turns20 per 11.Mar
DiceMove by X points on map(X is 1-6)10* per 1(1), 15 per 1(2-3), 20* per 1(4), 25 per 1(5-6)1.Mar
Bamboo FlyerRoll two dice25 per 11.Şub
Shadow AmuletAvoid Battle(Final Battle can’t be avoided)25* per 11.Şub
MedicineHeal X HP(X is 60K-360K*)16-96 per 11
KeysOpen Question mark chest, possibly increase* chance to get art piece in this chest or 300 Starweave if you already have that piece25 per 11.Mar

*Not 100% sure about this


Contains items that can help you with trials or can be considered as rewards. They can be bought only with Starweave crystals.

Art piece+5(common) or +6(skin) deco points, takes no space500
SoulweaveGives you random skill(Max. 3 per hero)1500
Specific horcrux SkillCan replace your random skill4000
Furniture Deco4×4 Deco Furniture giving 240-640 deco pointsCost varies:12000-63750
Trial BlueprintsVarious Blueprints exclusive for trial shopCost varies
BooksAny book item of rare, epic and legendary QualityCost varies


You can check your progress on pictures in trial map on left side – art gallery(male), art gallery (female).


  • You must first use Soulweave to be able to use specific horcrux skill.
  • If you replace skill with specific one previous skill will disappear.
  • You can reroll random skill for 20 diamonds to get different random skill.
  • If you complete common picture you will get extra 50 deco points: 100 + 50 = 150.
  • If you complete skin picture you will get extra 80 deco points: 120 + 80 = 200.
  • When you finish picture all dot lines disappear, but you can’t get higher size of given picture.
  • Only Adventurer’s manual can unlock new blueprints.
  • You can buy several same consumable items in adventure shop, like XS medkits you can have atleast 3 and possible more at same time – dunno if there is any cap for these type of items(maybe storage limit).
  • Dice can get you 100% out of Illusion(cyan square), can save you from paying double food(brown square), help you hit the portal in cycles or avoid dens or other unwanted points.
  • Shadow amulet is best to use on dens – 1 amulet and you avoid all 3 battles.

Trial skills

Lady’s HeartTeam gain 3% HP for every female hero in teamYes
Lady’s PowerTeam gain 3% Combat points for every female hero in teamYes
Gentleman’s HeartTeam gain 3% HP for every male hero in teamYes
Gentleman’s PowerTeam gain 3% Combat points for every male hero in teamYes
Specific Class HeartTeam gain 4% HP for every specific class hero in team(Mage/Assassin/Priest/…)Yes
Specific Class PowerTeam gain 4% Combat points for every specific class hero in team(Mage/Assassin/Priest/…)Yes
Specific Adventure BoostHero gains 12% Combat points and HP in one specific adventure(Crystal Cave, Fairy Castle etc.Yes
Armed to TeethHero gains 10% Combat pointsYes
EnsurientHero gains 10% HPYes
Risk of LifeTeam gains 5% Combat points but lose 2% HPYes
OvercautionTeam gains 5% HP but lose 2% Combat pointsYes
GastrologistItems that recover HP, such as medicine, have their effect increased by 8%?
Last StandIf your HP is depleted, you have 2% chance of remaining at 1 HP to win battle?
Rise UpTeam gains 8% Combat Points in the first 10 rounds?
AdaptionIf nothing happens this turn, the team regain 1% HP?
VeteranStarweave Crystal income is increased by 2%(Works only on Idol chests, not working on boss chests?
Treasure SpecialistRandomly shows the content of 1 chest when choosing rewards from final chest**Yes*
IdolRewards from town, village and camp are increased by 5%?
?Moving cost 1 less food?
Veteran Guide*Effect of gray, purple and ? are reduced by 5%*?
HedonismHero gains 10% HP, but moving cost 1 more food*?
Few more skillsTODO?

*Not 100% sure about this

**(Works only on finish, if you come again to get rewards later you won’t see the one revealed again)

This is the ending of Cadria Item Shop Trial Guide (How to Unlock, Locations, Maps) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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