Cadria Guide for Beginners


Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to play Cadira Item Shop. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Quick Reference Guide

Notable Levelup Points in the Town

Building Levels for Unlocking the Final Artisans:
Blacksmith 9
Workshop 10
Emerald Courtyard 11
Engineering School ??

Building Levels for Unlocking New Heroes (after level 4):
7, 11, 16 (all buildings have the same upgrade pattern)

Other Important Town Levels:
Town Hall 2, 3, 5, 8 – unlock buildings to recruit new heroes
Town Hall 4 – upgrade resource collection capacity to 4
Town Hall 6 – upgrade resource collection capacity to 6
Town Hall 7 – unlock Emerald Courtyard for new artisans
Town Hall 9 – unlock Faction order requests (remember to post a faction quest item to your guild for help)
Town Hall 11 – unlock Engineering School for new artisans
Town Hall 12 – unlock Faction Wars side quests
Business Street 1 – unlock shop order requests
Business Street 6 – unlock Banker (in tavern)
Business Street 12? – unlock trading square
Textile Field 5 – unlock next material resource
Sawmill 5 – unlock next material resource
Herb Garden 5 – unlock next material resource
Mine 5 – unlock next material resource

Preferred Use of Diamonds:

1. Unlock final hero equipment slots (50 each)
2. Unlock advanced crafting slots (150 each)
3. Occasional upgrades to equipment when you craft them
4. Occasional buy materials or instant-complete for crafting if you are in a hurry to finish a requested order
5. Artisan Slots if your level is too low to get them for gold
6. Whatever else you feel is worth it

Early Hero Advice

Most of your team in the early levels will require cloth armor or cloaks, shoes not boots, gloves not metal gauntlets, and hoods not helmets. For accessories you mostly want projectiles, potions, or musical instruments, at least until you can start crafting scrolls. You will also want some shields and a few rings. Only a few of the early heroes will use hard armor, metal boots, metal gauntlets, and helmets. Later you unlock a little more variety in terms of equipment. Also, try to keep your number of teams equal to twice the number of Adventure slots you have unlocked, plus one. In “early game” you should reach Suramar Armory as your fourth adventure type, and perhaps three adventure slots so you can run three adventures simultaneously. So have seven teams ready… six for rotating adventures, and one for town missions and guild commissions.

Making Money

These items sell for a decent amount with very little material cost (especially the harder to earn rare materials from Adventuring). Stock up on these, then activate your frenzy and sell like mad!
Wisdom Potion
Vanguard Shield (or Shield of Honor once Pinewood and Iron are unlocked as materials)
Blue Hood
Wizard Robe
Moonlight Ring
Lute (or War Horn once Iron is unlocked as a material)

Other useful notes

Remember to check your business plan AND the event calendar every day.
Remember when you make new equipment you must MANUALLY equip it to your hero.
Remember to have lots of gold coins on hand when you collect adventure rewards, just in case some of your equipment breaks and needs repairs.
Remember to check the rewards tabs on the Factions and on the Guild menus.
Remember there are THREE types of shop space: floor/wall, decorations, and functional.
Remember functional furniture can be upgraded.
Remember to upgrade your artisan furniture, too.
Remember to setup your heroes in TEAMS, and change teams once in a while to make sure you have good combat points for adventuring and good health/food points for trials.
Remember equipping seven favorite (green break chance icon) items on a hero will give that hero an extra 25% combat points!!
Pay attention to your praise. Fill this up before you start a Frenzy.

Remember this game is casual style.

Second Step: Some General Advice

Now that you are in a server, you will see the opening of the main story. You have to manage the rebuilding of the town and turn her back to normal, by managing a weapon/armor shop. Hooray…

Here are some basic tips to get you started without too much time or gold coin wasted by trial and error.

  • You will notice some things are still written in the original Chinese. The translation is incomplete, but nothing important will be in Chinese. All of the story, tutorial, menu, etc. are in English or else you can figure it out even without understanding Chinese. So when you see some Chinese characters, DON’T PANIC.
  • Diamonds… you will often be asked to buy diamonds in a cash store pack. You really don’t need to, it will just speed up your game a little bit if you do. In my opinion, not worth the money. You will also be asked to spend diamonds sometimes. They are most useful when you craft an item and it randomly gives you the option to upgrade it. You get the first upgrade (either green or blue) FREE, but you can spend some diamonds to upgrade it one more time (to blue or purple) which makes it a little more powerful, but also worth more money to sell or to repair. They can also be used to upgrade various things throughout the game but all of them except advanced crafting slots will eventually be available by spending gold coins instead – you just have to wait until you level up more. Also, when crafting an item you can use diamonds to speed it up to instant finish, or if you lack materials to start an item you can spend diamonds to get the item started anyway. You earn diamonds from certain side quests and by completing main quest tasks.
  • Gold coins are the currency you earn by selling the items that you make in the shop. These are spent on buying upgrades for buildings in town, unlocking various things throughout the game, increasing the size of your shop, and basically everything else you might spend money on in this game. You get them as rewards for completing adventures and some side quests too.
  • Shop Furniture – every day you should check the furniture Gatcha tab, you get a free spin. When you go on adventure you earn boss tokens for defeating zone bosses which you can spend on more gatcha spins to earn additional furniture. When you place furniture, pay attention to the size. You can put a certain number of DECORATIONS which increase chance to get upgraded items when you craft, and another certain number of FUNCTIONAL FURNITURE which increases your storage limit, collects materials, or increases your praise from customers. Wall and floor furniture effectively takes up “zero space” but once you use up all your walls and floor you can’t keep stacking them on top of each other. Decorations don’t get upgraded, but functional furniture can be upgraded. It costs gold coins and the upgrade tokens that look like hammers, earned from daily quests.
  • Artisans – you hire artisans to manufacture everything you sell in the shop. The more they make, the more XP they earn and the more they level up so then can make even better items. You have to pay gold to unlock an artisan slot, then do events in town and upgrade their building enough to unlock the artisan, then hire them with gold coins to have them work for you. You can fire them to make room for the next one if you don’t have enough coins to unlock another slot, but you can always hire them back later by paying their fee again. Artisans work with special furniture in their workshop which needs to be installed before use, then it can be upgraded (for gold coins and spending the upgrade tokens that look like gears which are earned from daily quests) to produce higher level items.
  • Heroes – Heroes need your items, they buy them from you. But that just earns you money, it does nothing for their combat ability. You need to make EXTRA copy of the item and then manually equip it once you hire the hero. Then heroes go on adventures, or guild commissions, or town event battles. You will see/participate in none of those, the heroes simply become unavailable until the mission is complete and then they have a cooldown timer while they rest before going again. You cannot change equipment for a hero who is in an active mission. Unlock heroes and increase their level caps by investing in the hero buildings in town.
  • Adventures – in the Tavern, talk to the giant chicken to unlock new adventures. You can also eventually unlock extra adventure slots so you can send more than one team at a time. You pick the adventure you want, then you can either pick heroes one by one OR setup hero teams and just click the team from the list. You unlock team slots as you levelup your shop. You unlock more hero slots on each team as you levelup your heroes. Adventures primarily are for finding rare materials to build higher level items, but they also give a small amount of gold and randomly they give you some equipment items like a free helmet or something. BE CAREFUL when you come to collect your rewards from adventures. Hero equipment has a chance to break after an adventure and you have JUST ONE CHANCE to pay gold to repair it. If you don’t have enough gold, that item is thrown away and you will have to make them a new one and equip it again. Each adventure has a chance for 0, 1, or 2 hero items to break.
  • Gallery will just show you all the items you’ve bought, created, or found. Nothing special here. There is another “gallery” in the Hero menu where you can view more detailed information about your heroes.
  • Praise points are indicated by the thumbs up icon at the top of the screen. Recommending a different item, refusing to sell an item, or surcharging to get more money from a customer, will SPEND your praise, while giving the customer a discount or selling the item to them will EARN a little more praise. Upgrade your reception desk to increase your maximum praise. Use and upgrade item racks to increase the praise you get from simply selling that kind of item.

How to start rebuilding your town

  • Town hall is required to be the highest level building in town. Get this upgraded more to unlock new buildings, guild membership, factions, faction wars, etc. If this is level 9, then level 9 is the maximum level for anything else in town.
  • The right side is for heroes. You have several buildings that unlock and raise level cap for your heroes. These are on the right side of town, with blue roofs. I advise getting these to level 4 as quickly as you can, then focus on the other buildings for a while. After that, the important milestones here are levels 7, 11, and 16 you get new heroes unlocked.
  • The left side is for artisans. On the left side of town, with green roofs, are several buildings that unlock and raise level cap for your artisans. Scrolls, tomes, and guns will be off limits until you get these leveled up in order to unlock the proper artisans. Level these when you have the money, but you want your resource facilities up before you get these past level 8. The final artisans available by this method are unlocked at Blacksmith 9, Workshop 10, and Emerald Courtyard 9. There is also an Engineering School that fits in this category, but I have not unlocked that yet – my town hall is still only level 10.
  • Mines and farms are at the bottom. Towards the bottom of the screen are your resource facilities. The mine, the lumber mill, etc. These produce materials which you use to build your items in your shop. Higher level = more materials, they regenerate faster. You also want these up to level 5 as fast as you can because at level 5 an event starts that will unlock the next material for that facility. (Copper mine also produces iron, etc.) If you open the building window you will see on the right window there are several tabs, one for each resource this building will produce. Each one has to be leveled up separately. Once you have the second material for each one at level 3, you can relax on these and focus on Artisans and Heroes for a little while.
  • Business Street is in the center of town. The big bonus from this one (at least in the early levels) is that you will unlock the Banker. It also increases your sale prices and your “Frenzy” duration. But when the Banker is unlocked, go to your Tavern and the banker will take your investment of gold coins, wait a certain amount of time, then give it back WITH INTEREST. He has three levels of interest you can choose from. The “best” is 11% but it is also the longest time to wait for it. If you collect it before time is up, you get your money back but ZERO extra interest.
  • Special Events happen in town seasonally, or related to holidays. You can play through these to gain unique blueprints, costumes, hero outfits, equipment items, and other such rewards. Just remember these are time sensitive and when the seasonal holiday thing is over, whichever event you are on will be the last one in that series that you will see.

In the Tavern

The tavern is full of things to do.

  • The banker will take your investment and return your interest here.
  • Any shop orders you have will be submitted here (after you accept the request in your shop).
  • Factions are accessed here from the bar keeper.
  • Adventures start here. Buy more adventures from the giant chicken by the bar.
  • The Trials start here, too… but that is a late-game tool which I might add a section for when/if I ever unlock it. I think by the time you unlock it though, you should be able to figure out for yourself how to use it.

More advanced Advice

  • Using Frenzy
    Try maximizing sales profit with low overhead costs, particularly try to avoid making extra items with more than 2 of the rare materials from adventuring as requirements if you’re just selling them to get coins. Eventually you will the Shield of Honor that is worth around 3000 gold. And the Wisdom Potion has a decent price tag for not much material investment. So does the War Horn, and the Blue Hood. Almost all of your customers will want at least one of these, so feel free to spam craft them. Before hitting the frenzy, try to have your Praise points at maximum (upgrade your shop’s desk to have 150 or 180 for best result), have at least 30 items crafted and ready to sell, and have three customers in the shop whose requested items you have in stock for those first three really fast sales. Once the frenzy starts, DO NOT craft anything because it takes too long. Just sell sell sell (and maybe buy if someone shows up selling to you – your purchase prices are halved!) and recommend another item if you don’t have their first request ready in stock.
  • Guilds – eventually the game will suggest that you join a guild. Guilds are nice. When you have a faction order request to fill, you can post an item from it for your guild friends to help you out by sending you some. (They don’t always do it but you can ask.) Every day you will have a commission adventure where you send one hero to go with your guild to bring home special rewards. Earn enough credits for your guild and you can buy special item rewards including decorations for your shop, item blueprints, and other things. You can also participate in faction wars at a certain point. For these, you craft a bunch of items for a faction, then send heroes to aid them in defending against an invasion.
  • Factions – it takes a while to unlock the Faction option. But when you do, the barkeeper in the tavern will let you view your standing and any requests from the factions. Here you can accept, fill, or reject any faction requests as well as buy special item chests from factions if you have enough faction points and faction keys (earned from completing order requests and faction wars). If your level is high enough to get town hall to level 12, faction wars become available, too. You DO NOT have to choose just one faction, you can do all three simultaneously.
  • Business Plan – On the right side of your screen is an icon that says “Bulletin” – click on that to open your business plan. Here, they try to sell you some paid content. Most of it is probably not worth it and definitely not necessary to play and win. But, if you click on the number 1 in the circle on the top left you’ll see your business level. On the right of that window you see your rewards for leveling up your business. There is a paid content you can buy that will give you extra rewards as you level these up. If you click on the little reward button you can see a list of tasks you can complete to earn business XP. Remember to click the icon on the rewards when you level up, it won’t automatically collect them for you.
  • Events happen from time to time (i.e. Valentine’s Day, Spring Festival, Halloween, etc.) that will give you special side quests to collect special rewards. Plus they sometimes have special packages for sale from the cash store. Notice the EVENT icon on the right of your screen in the shop? That’s where you find this stuff. Most events also come with a FREE gatcha spin daily. Check it out. These events do expire, so if you are saving event tokens for a big-price item in the event rewards shop, make sure to spend them all before the end or you will LOSE THEM ALL.
  • Upgraded Crafting – If you click an EMPTY craft slot you can upgrade it so that if you are making an item that requires a prerequisite item as an ingredient, it will automatically make the prerequisite item first (just like if you crafted it manually) and then immediately make the final item. It uses ALL the resources for the entire process up front though. You can select Advanced or Normal crafting (to make it while using a prerequisite that you have in stock already) when you click the item to craft it.
  • Crafting Robot that you get from an event in town requires 250,000 gold coins to repair once you unlock it. Then you can set a list of items for it to craft for you. It will just go go go until it runs out of instructions or runs out of materials.


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