Brawlhalla – How to Leave Silver and Get Gold

Attack names.

NLight= Neutral attack in the ground.

SLight= Side attack in the ground.

DLight= Down attack in the ground.

Nair=Neutral light in air.

Sair=Side light in air.

Dair=Down light in air.

NSig=Neutral heavy in ground.

SSig=Side heavy in ground.

DSig=Down heavy in ground.

NHeavy= Neutral attack in ground unarmed.

SHeavy= Side attack in ground unarmed.

DHeavy= Down attack in ground unarmed.

GC=Gravity Cancel.

GP=Ground Pound.

RC=Recovery, neutral heavy attack in air.

First of all, dodging.

To learn how to dodge you just need to play the game, and never spot dodge (dodging while standing still), because you get too much previsible and this can cost you a lot of ELO. To start, go to experimental and try to dodge away for strings, dodge up, down, and sideways.


Try to be unpredictable, dash is always good if you’re approaching, but don’t go straight up to the enemy or you will probably get hit by an attack.

Punishing signatures and fails at strings.

If you’re reading this, I expect you to be silver, and pleople in silver have way too long time between attacks while doing strings, for an example, scythe, the classic NLight into Nair, between those two attacks you can GC and NLight, easy punish, another one that’s a bit hard is punishing the gauntlets classic string, SLight-Nair-Sair-GP, between the Sair and GP you can go away from the main platform a bit and then go back, and while you’re going away you should be able to Dair unarmed, that would mostly kill instantly if he didn’t touch the wall.

Now to punish sigs you need to have timing, and there’s sig that can’t even be punished because they are way too fast, a problematic sig here: Ada’s NSig with spear, to punish it you need to dodge it by dashing/dodging back, or away from the sig, then you attack her with a NLight/SLight/Dlight, or any attack that will reach her fast.


If someone is being toxic and talking to you, ignore, say gg and go in another match, you don’t need to see his insults, neither talk against him. (you can also screenshot it and post so people will laugh a bit of him)


If you did all of that and did battle a lot doing the best of yours, you’re probably gold right now, so congratulations, and enjoy your gold frame/gold emblem at the end of the season!

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