Boris and the Dark Survival Strats Guide

Boris and the Dark Survival game guide focuses on quick tips for Strats. This a guide that goes over basic gameplay, basics, etc. with a couple strats for the game. At the time this has come out the game has only been out for a day!. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Small Strats

  • Leave an item near the elevator so once you collect the final item, you’ll be able to get out easily.
  • Take notes of where the hiding and stamina stations[‘i] are around you. It’ll be very helpful.
  • if your stamina bar isn’t full and you have a chance, use a station. Even if you feel you don’t quite need it yet, it’s always very nice to have your bar full.
  • Don’t be afraid to sprint. There’s plenty of stamina stations around. If you’re in a long hallway with no hiding station and you’re not sure where Ink Bendy is, dash back to safety.

Strats for escaping Bendy

Sometimes, you can get yourself into sticky situations, here’s tips on how to get out of them.

When Bendy’s cornered you and you’re in a room with an obstacle in the middle, try to juke/trick him. Make him walk one way around the obstacle, then once he walks to the side of it, dash to the other side and keep running until you find a hiding station.

Don’t take risks, take your time, if you think Ink Bendy is near, either hide in a station or dash out back into a 4-way room.

The stickiest of all situations, being trapped in a hallway with no rooms and Ink Bendy is blocking you.

What you’re gonna want to do is, if you can, run back to a room and try to juke him there, if there’s an obstacle use the earlier first escaping Bendy strat.

If there’s no rooms around, run to once side of the hallway and back up enough for Ink Bendy to run against the wall, once he’s near/against the wall, dash towards him then to the other side of the hallway quickly. If you’re lucky he won’t be able to grab you and you can run off and escape.

This is the ending of Boris and the Dark Survival Strats Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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