Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC Achievements Walkthrough

Borderlands 3 game guide focuses Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC Achievements Guide and walkthrough how to unlock them. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Wainwright Jakobs and Sir Alistair Hammerlock invite you to join them in celebrating their marriage this March 26, 2020 in the planet of Xylourgos. The second campaign DLC features an all new planet with a new standalone story, new enemies, and most of all, new loot! Guns, Love, and Tentacles is a Paid DLC and available on Steam.

Story-related Achievements

The following achievements will unlock automatically as you progress through the DLC’s main story, with the exception of “Good One, Babe.” However, thanks to the auto-leveled character update, we can use an easy workaround if you’ve already beaten the story without obtaining the aforementioned achievement.

Unmissable Achievements

Party’s Still On!

Find the party.

How to unlock Party’s Still On! achievement:

Once you’ve arrived at the Lodge for the first time, talk to Hammerlock to conclude “The Party Out of Space” mission and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Older Than The Trees

Kill the Wendigo.

How to unlock Older Than The Trees achievement:

At one point in the story, Hammerlock will accompany you on a Wendigo hunt. Defeat the boss, pick up its parts and talk to Hammerlock to conclude “The Horror in the Woods” mission.

Love Is The Fifth Dimension

Marry your friends.

How to unlock Love Is The Fifth Dimension achievement:

After beating the final boss, talk to Hammerlock and Wainwright to wrap up “The Call of Gythian.” Once the short cut-scene of the two getting married plays out, the credits roll and the achievement should pop up.

Missable Achievements

Good One, Babe

Watch Deathtrap kill 50 enemies.

How to unlock Good One, Babe achievement:

Right at the start of the DLC (“The Party Out of Space” mission), you’ll meet Gaige for the first time where you’ll be tasked with fending off a small wave of enemies. Instead of getting involved, let Deathtrap run amok and get as many kills as possible (Gaige getting kills also counts towards this achievement, although Deathtrap is generally more powerful and will almost always be the one to get the kill).

You can speed up the process and wound nearby enemies, but Deathtrap or Gaige need to be the one to finish them off. If you’re downed in all the chaos, both of them will come and resurrect you. There are two more missions, near the end of “On the Mountain of Mayhem” and at the start of “The Call of Gythian“, where Deathtrap gets involved and in both instances can one-shot nearby enemies.

If you’ve missed this achievement, simply go back to the main menu and under “Load Character”, create a new Vault Hunter (all of your progress will be stored with the previous character that you can access later), select new game and choose “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” to start right from the beginning of the DLC. Now, rush to the starting point where you meet Gaige and let Deathtrap kill your enemies.

NOTE: Before Deathtrap kills everyone, quit to main menu and then go back to the story. You will restart the fight, allowing you to quickly farm Deathtrap kills. All of them count towards the achievement progress and kills from your other profiles also carry over.

Side Missions & Crew Challenges

Industrious In The Face Of Cosmic Terror

Complete all Crew Challenges and Side Missions on Xylourgos.

How to complete all Crew Challenges and Side Missions:

All of the challenges and side missions will become available to you once you’ve completed the main story.

Side Missions

Skittermaw Basin

  • Call of the deep
  • We Slass!
  • We Slass! (Part 2)
  • We Slass! (Part 3)

The Lodge

  • The Propritor: Empty Bottles
  • Sinister Sounds
  • The Nibblenomicon
  • Happily Ever After (unlocks after finishing the story)


  • Cold Case – Buried Questions
  • Cold Case – Restless Memories
  • The Proprietor: Rare Vintage

The Cankerwood

  • The Great Escape part 2
  • Cold Case – Forgotten Answers

Negul Nashai

  • The madness beneath


Skittermaw Basin


Dustbound Archives

The Cankerwood

Negul Neshai


Heart’s Desire

Miscellaneous Achievements

The following achievements are independent from all missions and can be completed at any given point.

Whispers On The Wind

Collect all ECHO logs on Xylourgos.

How to unlock Whispers On The Wind achievement:

This is best showcased with a video, as it’s hard to give you their precise locations on the map with just screenshots. There are a total of 18 ECHO logs. Credit for the video guide goes to Indecisive Prophecy.

A Hunter, Through And Through

Find and kill all four rare spawns.

How to unlock A Hunter, Through And Through achievement:

The achievement’s description is sort of misleading, as they’re not that rare. Takes somewhere between 4 and 10 tries to spawn them. They tend to stand out from the rest of the enemies and have additional health bars. If you fail to spawn them, simply exit to main menu, resume and go back to your desired location. Repeat this process till you get them to spawn. Keep in mind that this achievement might glitch out at times, as several people have reported issues with progressing past 50%.

Cursehaven – Amach

The Cankerwood – Fungal Gorger

Negul Neshai – Shiverous the Unscathed

Negul Neshai – Voltborn

I’m Floudering Up Here

Listen to 25 fish jokes.

How to unlock I’m Floudering Up Here achievement:

Once you get to the Lodge, you can find a fish trophy mounted on a wall to the right of the bar. You need to interact with it 25 times in total to earn this achievement. Although there are a few more fish trophies around the world, this one’s right next to your point of interest and is easy to farm. When you’re done interacting with it (make sure the fish spits out the loot for it to count), quit to main menu, go back to the Lodge, listen to another fish joke and repeat this process till the achievement pops up. Keep in mind that the Steam counter is either bugged or delayed and does not accurately reflect your progress.

A snapshot of the fish’s location.

This is the ending of Borderlands 3 Guns Love and Tentacles DLC Achievements Guide guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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