BLOCKADE Classic Complete Guide for Beginners

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on BLOCKADE Classic Complete Guide for Beginners. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

BLOCKADE Classic Complete Guide for Beginners

1.  When starting the game.

Throughout this section of the guide, it will explained the menu, the different features, the game options and the store. If you’re looking for information on the gameplay, I’ll direct you to the second part of the section! When you launch the game for the first time, you will arrive on this menu.

First of all, you will probably want to check your options, and customize your game settings. This will happen in the “options” tab, in which you can customize your mouse sensitivity, your texture pack (the game currently offers 5 different textures, you can test them one by one and find the one that suits you), your resolution, your viewfinder, the language of the game …

Advice; if you want to adjust your mouse sensitivity, you can also do it directly in a game, and it will be easier for you;)

The tab “rank” is your game statistics, there you can track the progress of your level, the number of kills you made and the number of deaths you have. You should know that the more levels you increase, the more difficult it will be to pass a level (on blockade, a kill is worth 5xp if you do not have a premium and 10xp if you have one) I would talk about the premium in the shop section ).

The shop is undoubtedly the tab that will attract you the most when you connect for the first time to the game, including a list of weapons to unlock, equipment, explosives. Before detailing the shop, you need to know everything first know that the shop operates by system of “coins”, it is the currency of the game! How to have coins? You have the choice;

  • By logging in every day, you get coins for your loyalty to the game.
  • When you pass a level, even if the level up rewards are not huge.
  • Buying coins on the game.
  • Gifts are regularly added to your backpack for events such as Christmas or Halloween containing coins.

Important Council; if you want to buy coins, wait for the game offers that allow you to buy cheaper a larger amount of coins. These offers are made quite frequently, when updating and others, so enjoy!

What you need to know about the shop is that not all weapons are available when you start the game. Indeed, weapons not available in the shop will be unlocked from a certain level. Be careful, the fact that they are unlocked does not mean that they belong to you, it simply means that you can finally buy them in the shop.

The game, however, offers weapons from level 1 to 13, as a reward for the levels you finish. information is coming in this regard. 

The part that may be more difficult to understand from the store is the “other” tab. The simplest thing to remember here is that the megapack allows you to have all the weapons of the game and all the items (hence the fairly high price of $ 35). This is the only product on sale in the shop that is not sold by coin, but directly by steam coin.

We have previously talked about the premium, what is it? This is a “VIP” to double the amount of exp that is made in the game (exp multiplied by two, 10xp instead of 5xp). Among other things, the premium is mainly used to progress level more quickly, but it confers other advantages; it allows the player who bought it to benefit from weapons such as the L96A1 MOD, the deagle and the AK47 (if you are new on the game, you have every interest to take a premium!), to launch two grenades instead of one (be careful, only the “green” grenades), and finally to open private maps.

What are Private Maps? Just Click Here to Read

The basics of the game.

Presentation of the game modes.

After visiting the menu, you will probably want to play. You’re lucky because on Blockade, you have the choice! You should know that developers will soon add new game modes (the tank mode for example), and that there are game modes (which will not be discussed here) that are put on the game occasionally for special events (the snow mode at Christmas for example).

Before presenting the game modes, you must understand the differences between the different maps proposed. As you can see in the screenshot, there are normal servers and servers under padlock. Imagine that the creators of the game have thought of you, new players! Locked servers are reserved for you, players below level 6. Thus, when you arrive on the game for the first time, you will not play against players who are very strong or who have experience; you are all at the same level! You will be able to access the “high level” servers from level 6. Moreover, you can choose if you want to play on Russian or European servers (located in Germany). You understand that it is more beneficial to play on European servers if you live in Europe, etc.

So back to the game modes. There are currently 9 different game modes on Blockade Classic;

  • Battle Mode; 
    Battle mode is the main mode and the mode most play by the Blockade players.
    This game mode is composed of 4 teams of 8 players (green, yellow, red and blue).
    The purpose is to get 500 points to end the game and change the map. There is a blue area at the middle of the map (you can see this area on the map). If you stay 1 second on this area you get 1 point.
    The second purpose is to prevent others teams to get 500 points. So you need to kills them all the time you see them and to make point on the blue area.
    You can play with every weapon you have on your inventory and every equipment. And you can destroy every blocks on the map.
  • Versus Mode;
    The second famous game mode is the Versus mode, it’s mainly for good player but every players play on it.
    This game mode is composed of 2 teams of 16 players (red and blue).
    The purpose is to be the first team to kills 500 players.
    The skill is required on this game mode.
    Here too you can play with every weapon you have on your inventory and every equipment you have but you can destroy only blocks used by others players and you can’t destroy the map.
  • Alpha Mode;
    The alpha mode is a game mode similar to the Battle mode. This game mode is composed here too from 4 teams of 8 players and the purpose is to get 500 points from the blue area at the middle of the map.
    We can destroy every block the only difference between both mode is here you can play only with 1 level weapons, so only with M3, M14 and MP5, you can’t use your equipment too.
  • 1945 Mode;
    The 1945 Mode is a game mode similar to the versus mode. The only difference with the versus mode is you can play only with World War 2 weapons. You don’t need to have them on your inventory on this game mode you can use them without buying them.
    You get a random weapon every time you respawn. And you can’t use your equipment on this game mode.
  • Zombie Mode;
    The Zombie Mode is a survival mode, this is composed of 2 teams, humans and zombies.
    Every beginning of the round, 1, 2 or 3 players become Zombie and the others are Humans.
    The purpose of the Zombie is to kill every human, and the purpose of the human sis to stay alive during the round.
    When a Zombie kills a human, the human become Zombie, and the zombie get +500 hp.
    Zombies start with 3000 hp and they can’t use weapons, and humans can play with every weapon they have on their inventory.
  • Capture Mode;
    The purpose of the capture mode is to get 5000 points by capturing areas. Every map is divided into 16 equivalent parts that we need to capture by staying alone on this area.
    This mode is composed by 4 teams of 8 players.
  • Melee Mode;
    The Melee mode is similar to the Versus mode. The purpose is the same, the teams are the same the only difference is you can play only with melee weapons, melee weapons you have on your inventory.
  • Survival Mode;
    The survival mode is similar to the zombie mode but everyone is on the same team and the zombie are the computers. The purpose is to stay alive the longest time possible. Every round zombie come to kill us.
  • Build Mode;
    The build mode is a way to leave room for your imagination.
    There are 2 parts on this mode. The first part is the build, you can create everything you want with every blocks available on the game. The second part is a way to try your maps. You can test them on 2 game modes available on build, the battle mode and the versus mode.
    You can open Build mode only when you are premium, but you can join a build server of your friend without being premium and help him to build or fight against him on his map.

This is the ending of BLOCKADE Classic Complete Guide for Beginners guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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