Blaster Master Zero Difficulty and Replay Value Review

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Difficulty and Replay Value Review


Difficulty is both on the normal side and about average. I never felt like the game cheated me or was too hard. I would call it a pleasant experience in that regard.

To say Destroyer mode is hard is putting it lightly as there’s a number of changes to the gameplay (starting with suicide bullets) that will likely have you be grateful for the infinite lives and plentiful save points.

Difficulty is about average with a few hard parts involving Jason (you’ll know it when you see it),

Depending on the character, certain sections and fights can go rather differently as they often have improved movement abilities compared to Jason.

But the normal game itself is a bit easy, particularly compared with the original.

Bosses are really easy if you use the right weapons.

Replay Value

About replay value, you will get 3 Characters from the game which control quite differently, so if you like these kind of 2D Games you should get 3 runs out of it.

You can get 6 runs out of this should you play every mode. I really think that both of these games have the same replay value roughly.

Replay value options includes a hard mode that you unlock (Destroyer), a super powered mode (Unlimited) that allows you to explore at your leisure with the fully powered SOPHIA ZERO.

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