Black Squad – AIM Training Tips | Get Better KAD

I decided to help every beginner on the long journey of reaching a nice KAD. You will enjoy the game much more after following this guide, and no one will call you a noob in the chat again!

1. Play 1-3 Bot TDMs before real PvP each day.

  • Every day you should play at least one Bot TDM with your favourite weapon.
  • If you like going alone, then put a password on your room.
  • You can also join an existing Bot TDM room if you want to compare yourself to others or just to see what tactics the others using.
  • Try to hold your aim at head-height, so you positioning will be better each day.
  • After a week, or two, your headshot rate will increase by at least 10%.

But don’t play too much of these, I prefer a maximum of 3 per day. It’s just enough.

2. Join Airborne/Destruction/TDM matches.

I know that you can find a Demolition match faster than a TDM or a Destruction, and maybe there aren’t Airbornes on the Custom Match room list, and they don’t give as many XP as a Competitive Match, but they give you more chance to kill, and that is more important. Skill matters, not Ranks, you probably heard that.

I recommend Destruction and Airborne the most, because the map is big, and the enemies don’t focus on shifting or even using guns, they are just running to the boxes to destroy them.

You have a much higher chance to kill, and practice with your gun. And there are the skills too. But without them, you can also see if the enemy is destroying your box, and you can kill them in the back.

3. Thank you!

Thank you for reading this small guide.

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