Black Mesa How to Fix FPS (Xen Chapters)

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After the long-delayed Xen chapters of Black Mesa, you can try it now. It’s released for three maps (of nineteen). The first three maps are available to play as an opt-in beta (public beta).

The three beta maps are a short taste of the larger weirdness to come. There are some new puzzle elements introduced, with players interacting with alien machinery and finding alternative ways to power-damaged human systems. There’s also a new enemy variant.

How to Fix FPS

I’m currently playing the public beta version of black mesa, the earthbound levels. And there are random fps drops that just sort of happen every minute or more. My fps hovers around 120-180, but then randomly drops to 30-40 for a second or so and then goes back to 120-180. It happens completely randomly at random moments. I tried the regular game (non-beta) – the same thing happens.

Funny thing is that Xen levels don’t have this problem, they run fine. I actually remember not having this problem about half a year ago when i played this.

So I fixed it by typing ”-window -no border” in the launch options (found it in another thread), now the game works flawlessly. Tho the game now runs in borderless windowed mode, which isnt a problem at all, but why do the fps drops happen in fullscreen mode ?

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