Bit Blaster XL – Tiers List

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Bit Blaster XL Tiers List. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

This guide aims to quickly introduce you to the different tiers of powerups, ships and weapon. Other tiers will be added when gets infos about them. or you can help us to update the guide.

Bit Blaster XL Tier List

Ship Tier List:

Ship tier list is mostly relevant to people with lower level ships as the highest ones have strictly superior stats to the rest. This tier list assumes you have auto fire off. If it’s on, lower fire rate ships are priviledged.

S Tier:
Bit Blaster V8 (Maxed out stats make this pretty obvious)

A Tier:
Bit Blaster V7 (Pretty good and still able to get the 75K score achievement if you’re good at the game)

B Tier:
Bit Blaster V6 (Great Health and can get the 75K score achievement when combined with the right powerups)

C Tier:
Bit Blaster V4 (Choice comes down to preference)
Bit Blaster V3

D Tier
Bit Blaster V5 (Strictly better version of the V1 and V2 but lacks in health and bombs, reducing survivability)

E Tier:
Bit Blaster V1 (Balanced starter)

F Tier:
Bit Blaster V2 (0 Shield, srsly?)

Powerup Tier List

We assume once again you are dissabling auto-fire, a recommended choice.

S Tier:
Homing: Allows to focus more on evasion than destruction, allowing to extend your time in the game. Won’t run out of ammo if used correctly but will most definitely if auto fire is on. When black holes start appearing, it loses effectiveness and I would recommend switching to something like explode or you will have to use up your bombs to survive.

Bounce: This is for auto-fire on only, else I would give it a B Tier. Costs 4 with auto-fire off and 3 when on. One huge drawback that affects people differently is that the projectile resembles enemy projectiles, making it hard to see at times and causing unnecessary damage You can just spam it in later rounds allowing to focus on evasion while never running out of ammo. However, ammo shortages will occur with auto-fire off.

Explode: The best of the “skill based” powerups. Helps one hit large objects and get collateral damage. Won’t run out of ammo.

A Tier:
Mirror: Pretty skill based and allows to shoot missed targets or pursuing enemies. High skill ceiling with this one.

Spread: Best for mid-late game if you don’t have anything better. Really high potential if you can master hitting targets with side lasers as it reduces rotation time

Giant: 5 Ammo is a little too much and will subsequently run out of ammo often but can be spammed in late game pretty well

B Tier:
Blast: Better version of the laser as you don’t need to rotate as much, something problematic in late game. However, its short range is really bad so this is more of a low skill Powerup. Uses 5 ammo per shot so if you forget to collect ammo you can run out of it fast.

Through: Also kind of skill based and will find most use in late game if you haven’t found anything better by then.

Trail: Seems OP at first but due to its nature, you will find yourself running out of ammo sometimes but most importantly hitting enemies, if not walls more often.

C Tier:
Rapid: Not here because of its merits but rather because of the shortcomings of the worse powerups. It’s nice to shoot faster but it often isn’t too useful.

D Tier:
Laser: While you may feel cornered by projectiles in later rounds, It isn’t so bad with fast ships in the early to mid game but will begin to require skill to deal with enemy ships as you need to learn how to time your strikes properly. Almost impossible to run out of ammo as it is hard to miss targets. S Tier in terms of fun though. Worth giving a try as you may find that it suits your style.

Shield: Runs out of boost and ammo for only a minor improvement. Can be confusing to watch.

E Tier:
Flame: Worse version of the laser, isn’t too bad for early rounds though and pairs up best with fast ships. If you like turning to destroy while shooting, be warned that it is possible for the flames to miss the target and run into it, I’ve had that happen the few times I was stuck with this one.

F Tier:
Magnet: While this may seem cool, the ammo and coins don’t despawn and this powerup makes gathering reserves for endgame much harder. One I would only recommend taking if you are low on ammo, if nothing is on the ground for the points, or if there is another powerup you can quickly switch to.

Weapon Tier List:

God Tier

Weapons that allow you to get the 75,000 point achievement much easier, in my experience.

Spread (Blue S) –
Shoots an extra two bullets at 45 degree angles along with your normal bullet. Good because it works as a close range weapon and still retains effectiveness at long range as well since it’s likely to hit something even if you’re not trying. Use it sparingly early on when you have less ammo available, though.

Mirror (Yellow M) –
Bullets fire from both behind and in front of you. Similiar to the Spread, it’s useful because you can often hit a lot of enemies in the later stages without trying. It’s also good for killing enemies chasing you or behind you in such a way that it would be hard to turn around and hit them.

Respectable Tier

Weapons that are good with minor issues.

Blast (Purple B) –
Shoots six bullets in a spread cone fashion. This allows you to hit enemies at a wide angle which is useful in a lot of scenarios. It can also easily destroy clustered enemies and big meteors in one shot. However, the range is pretty short, so you have to risk getting close.

Rapid (R) –
Functions exactly as the starter gun, but fires much faster. Doubles as a close and long range weapon but excels at neither. Watch your ammo count if you get this early on.

Explode (Blue E) –
Shoots one bullet that creates a sizable explosion on contact with an enemy, surface, or if it flies for a few seconds undisturbed. This easily destroys a lot of enemies at once. The fire rate is pretty slow, even with the upgraded ships, and it’s easy to panic because of this in close quarters. However, in the right hands, it can be pretty devastating. I was considering of putting this one in a tier below.

Serviceable Tier

Weapons that can work but have some glaring flaws.

Flame (F) –
Sprays fire at full-auto in a thin cone in front of you. The fire floats for roughly 3/4ths of a second which can allow you to get some easy kills since enemies will just fly right into it. The range is a little worse than Blast but without the ability to do wide shots. It also uses ammo for when you start spraying, and for however long you continue to spray, so it’s easy to run out at any time. You’re forced to get pretty close and likely to eat a projectile if you’re approaching any enemies that can shoot at you.

Laser (L) –
Shoots a green laser that behaves similar to Flame, but without the after-effect of having it float and stay there as another method to kill enemies. The range is only slightly better compared to Flame and not much else stands out about it.

Through (Lime T) –
Fires a thin laser that passes through all enemies before hitting a wall. The ability to shatter through multiple enemies is helpful, but the projectile itself is very small thus much harder to hit many enemies at once. It fires faster than the default gun, which harms more than helps since it uses 3 ammo per shot and if you ask me the tradeoff isn’t worth it.

Bad Tier

Weapons that only have a gimmick which doesn’t make up for their shortcomings.

Homing (H) –
In addition to your default gun, a slow moving projectile that costs 5 ammo per-appearance will be deployed and seek out the closest target on its own. When it hits something, it respawns and repeats. Doesn’t kill enemies nearly fast enough to be worthwhile.

Trail (Orange T) –
Gives you the default gun and drains your ammo constantly but leaves a trail behind you that kills all enemies it comes in contact with. It stays in place for about 2.5 seconds, before the furthest part away dissipates and continues to follow you in a “Snake” fashion. Seemingly useful at first but the ammo drain and being forced to constantly zig-zag around the level while dodging swarms of bullets is extremely risky and will get you killed sooner or later.

Magnet (Purple M) –
Reverts you to the default gun but also grants a field that constantly magnitizes ammo and coins to you. Does not affect any powerups or other weapon pickups. It’s basically allowing you to use the default gun with a near infinite feed of ammo, which despite being infinite, is not powerful at all. It could be used to gather coins easy and early on, I suppose.

“Avoid This” Tier

Bad overall with little to no redeeming qualities. Not too far off from the author of this guide in real life.

Shield (Red S) –
Drains your ammo very fast but spawns five rotating spheres close to you that kill enemies they come in contact with. There are gaps between them so enemies can still hit you through those, but if you speed up they tighten which protects you a little more. Between the ammo drain and how little range the spheres have since they’re so close to you, I see no reason to use this and it only ever screwed me over.

Giant (G) –
Shoots a slightly larger and slower green ball that then shoots out 4 more projectiles outwards at 45 degree angles when it comes in contact with a wall or enemy. The fire rate is worse compared to the default gun and the ammo usage is high. Not to mention that the extra projectiles don’t hit much else.

“Just End It” Tier

A tier dedicated to what I see as the worst weapon in this game.

Bounce (Pink B) –
Shoots a pink ball for 5 ammo that then can bounce off of walls and is destroyed when it hits an enemy. The fire rate is bad and it does nothing else special. Being able to bounce projectiles off of the boundaries is only marginally useful in the early game alone and this weapon has nothing else to offer.

This is the ending of Bit Blaster XL – Tiers List guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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