Battle Brothers How to Fight Spiders (Tips & Tricks)

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How to Fight Spiders (Tips & Tricks)

Here some tips to fight:

1) Spears and swords are the best weapons vs spiders.

2) keep a few lightly armored bros in the back with high matk and fat (and polearm i guess) so they help you escape the webs.

3) I woudnt bring archers at all. So you want a line of 8 frontline bros and 4 polearms in the back.

4) I think shields are not actually needed that much except on flank guys bc spiders dont atack so much (only 1 atk per turn and they often will web instead). They usually outnumber you too. So you need to kill em quick while keeping webs off (backliners) so spiders will waste time webbing you while you cut em down.


For egg hunting try to break off with one or two bros from main combat. After few rounds it should be pretty clear where the eggs are, so try to go there and destroy them before they spawn more spiders.

If you don’t bother killing eggs immediately, just make sure to get out of their web asap and you shouldn’t take too much damage.

If I use archers I give them a shield instead of a melee weapon and if they get engaged they just stall until the melee finish cleaning up.

But this is the best advice: Don’t go for the eggs.

I think spiders are both a damage race and a bro count check. They heavily punish people who try to slow-roll the game with a small starting group, because you need to spend plenty of AP both attacking and especially removing webs. You need to remove those webs, because they really amplify spiders’ effective damage.

Also, spears/swords in alternating formation and remove shields on anybody with at least 80ish armour.

Hunting Hexe (Spider Queen)

Stay near the settlement and protect your employers firstborn son.

20% chance: The Hexe hexe will be a “spider queen” and bring Webknecht webknecht bodyguards.

20% chance: The Hexe hexe will make your Superstitious superstitious brother become Afraid afraid after the battle. He gets a bad mood too. (Witch Curse)

5% chance: Instead of fighting, the Hexe hexe will offer two different vials for the the firstborn’s life. (A Hexe Offers a Bargain for the Firstborn’s Life)

The settlement will no longer have the Abducted children abducted children situation if you fulfill this contract.

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