Barotrauma How to turn on pumps in submarine editor

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The Barotrauma submarine editor isn’t very user friendly, and even most workshop uploaders haven’t offered or provided much insight on how to use it. It’s certainly something you need to experiment with & figure out on your own.

The controls are pretty simple and much like the normal game. Once you enter the sub editor, all you see is a blue backdrop and some menus around the borders of the game. At the top, you have your file controls & the submarine placer. The submarine placer allows you to place the outline of a submarine into the editör.

How to turn on pumps in submarine editor?

The pump’s primary function is to filter water in its given area. By pressing E on the pump, a small menu will appear in which the player is able to modify both the direction the water is being pumped into and the speed at which it is being pumped. For instance, setting the pump to a positive number will cause water to flood into the area, and a negative number will pump water out of the area.

Turn on pumps in submarine editor

In stock subs, the ballast pumps are already on, but in your sub you may want to turn them on manually. So here is the answer to how you can change that so that they are already on, without using any circuits.

While in the submarine editor, top left you can go into character mode which allows you to interact with everything as if you were a crewmember in the sub, you can then turn on the pump like that.

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