Back 4 Blood Special Ridden Guide for Beginners

Back 4 Blood game guide focuses on best tips and tricks for Special Ridden. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you. Back 4 Blood is a thrilling and intense co-op zombie shooter that evolves the formula with a dynamic card-based loadout system and modernized shooting mechanics.

Special Ridden

As you’ll know if you’ve caught even the barest glimpse of Back 4 Blood, this is a game that is absolutely filled to the brim with zombies. Or Ridden, as they’re known in-game. Most of these infected enemies are your straightforward lumbering zombie, and their only real strength is in their sheer numbers. But the other variants, known as Special Ridden, are far more dangerous. Let’s go over them one by one and how to deal with each one effectively.


Snitchers have a comically descriptive name. These mutated monsters unleash a piercing shriek a few seconds after they spot you, which alerts the horde to your presence. You need to kill Snitchers as soon as possible to avoid getting overrun by the horde. They have a weak spot on their neck so with some precise shots you can be rid of them before they cause a problem. Just keep your ears open for their telltale screech.


The twin Exploder and Retch are big but surprisingly fragile. However, they’re almost more dangerous when you kill them. There are two versions of this enemy. The Exploder, as the name implies, explodes on death, dealing massive damage and knocking players back. If one gets in close, run away before you start shooting. The other version, the Retch, spits a deadly acid. Much like Left 4 Dead’s spitters, they also explode and leave behind a pool of acid when they die. Be careful when you see these guys in choke points. They can kill your whole team very, very easily.


Also known as Tallboys, the Bruiser is a big damage threat up close. These monsters have one enormous, club-like arm that they will pound the crap out of you with. Letting a Bruiser get close is often a death sentence on higher-difficulty settings. Their weakspot can be tough to hit too. It’s on their right shoulder, where their giant club arm connects to their torso. Bruisers are smart enough to protect their weak point though, and will keep it turned away from their target. Get behind them while their attention is elsewhere to save your teammates before it’s too late.


Stingers seem unthreatening at a glance. They bounce around on the walls rather than attacking directly, have fairly low health, and have an easy-to-hit weakspot on their stomach. However, they are extremely dangerous if left unattended. They spit a sticky goop that locks players in place. If you aren’t playing Evangelo or using a Breakout card, you will need a teammate to rescue you. Getting stuck like this with no teammate nearby will almost always leave you incapacitated. Don’t ignore them just because they’re up on a wall and not right next to you. Stingers are killers.

The Ogre

The Ogre is a boss of sorts in Back 4 Blood. This monster is absolutely massive and can soak up tons of bullets. Mercifully, you don’t actually have to kill him to beat the campaign. You can evade him and survive much more easily. Just stay on the move.

Keep an eye out when you are out in the open around the Ogre. He can throw massive, meatball-looking projectiles that deal a ton of damage. If you get caught off guard, it can be the end of the road for you.


Hags are powerful special ridden in Back 4 Blood and appear to be in the boss class of ridden alongside the Ogre, not much is known other than they are optional to fight and they are very powerful being able to devour enemies, kidnapping careless players by releasing hands from its mouth to drag cleaners inside. Once a player has been devoured the Hag will then run away and start to dig a hole to try and escape, if successful the kidnapped Cleaner will count as Dead. However the same character may be encountered later in the stage wrapped in a cocoon from which they can be freed.

They are around the size of a Bruiser being notably smaller than the Ogre but still fairly large in terms of enemies.


Breakers are powerful Ridden in Back 4 Blood and appear to function similarly to the Tanks in Left 4 Dead charging at players and pummeling them to death if not killed.

Despite their large size being around the largest Ridden so far they are shown to be very agile leaping after enemies.


The Abomination is the largest and most powerful Ridden in the game (as of launch) and is the final boss of Back 4 Blood

The creatures appearance is of that of a long torso with a monstrous head and multiple tentacles coming from it which it can extend and act as separate entities when fought, they themselves have their own set of mouths, the creature propels itself by using its arms to pull itself around.

This is the ending of Back 4 Blood Special Ridden Guide for Beginners. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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