Azur Lane Crosswave – Oath a Ship Tips and Tricks

Azur Lane Crosswave game guide focuses on tips for how to Oath a Ship. This is based on my experience. So there might be missings or not correct all the time. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Raising a ship’s affinity

Ships have affinity level that can be increased, starting from “Stranger”, then turning to “Friend”, “Crush”, “Love”, and finally, once you’ve given them a ring, “Oath”.

From what I’ve observed, simply using the same ship over and over again won’t raise the affinity to the max. Each stage of affinity can be achieved by doing specific actions. Those actions include:

  1. Using the ship in 10 battles
  2. Setting the ship as secretary and use them in 10 battles*
  3. Raising the ship’s level to 100, then do Cognitive Awakening**

By doing these actions, the ship’s affinity will increase by one stage until “Love”.

*= I’m not sure if the ship must be brought in battle or it can be stacked with the first point. Need confirmation.

**= Cognitive Awakening can be done by raising your ship to level 100, collecting their M Isomer by fighting them in the story mode, and exchanging them for Cognitive Chips in Akashi’s store. Once you have, simply go to Dock and open the ship’s status screen. Press Triangle (PS4), Y (XBOX), or I (Keyboard) to proceed.

Buying the Promise Ring

Once you’ve raised a ship’s affinity to “Love”, it’s time to buy a Promise Ring for them. The rings are available for purchase once the ship’s affinity became “Love”.

To buy the ring, you need Heart Tokens. Heart Tokens are unique to each ship, meaning you can’t buy Shimakaze’s ring with Suruga’s Heart Tokens. Heart Tokens can be acquired through two methods:

  1. Watching an episode for the first time in Episodes mode. You can only get Heart Tokens once from each episode.
  2. Clearing Extreme Battles. You can get a ship’s Heart Tokens by fighting them. For example, clearing stage 1 will get you Shimakaze’s and Yukikaze’s Heart Tokens.

Once you’ve collected 25 of Heart Tokens, you can exchange them for Promise Rings from Akashi’s store.


With the ring in your possession, simply go to the Dock and open the ship’s status screen. Press Triangle (PS4), Y (XBOX), or I (Keyboard) to start the marriage.

And you’re done! The affinity on your ship will now show “Oath”. I haven’t checked it, but one of the tutorial said by doing this, your ship’s status will be boosted by a certain amount.

This is the ending of Azur Lane Crosswave – Oath a Ship Tips and Tricks guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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