Azur Lane Crosswave Achievement & Trophies Guide

Azur Lane: Crosswave game guide focuses on how to get all achievements and trophies guide. There will be some walkthrough tips to collect achievements. This guide is work in progress so other tips for achievements will be added soon. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Achievement & Trophies Guide

A guide for all the achievements in Azur Lane: Crosswave.

  • The Greatest Results of Battle Achievement :

Play any battle within 120 minutes and without one of your ships getting defeated. Very easy to do.

  • Prologue Complete Achievement :

Complete the prologue of the game.

  • Chapter 1 Complete – Final Chapter Complete Achievement :

Play the game until the end.

  • Skinship is Necessary Achievement :

In the menu, press O to interact with your secretary ship.

  • It’s an Allowance from Home Achievement :

Go to the dock, select a ship, and select one of the items it has. Select Change and replace it with anything else.

  • I’ll Work My Hardest Achievement :

Press Ctrl in the menu and select any ship other than Shimakaze.

  • Taking Up the Post! Achievement :

Using A-Points, recruit any ship from the dock.

  • You’re Doing Well, Nya! Achievement:

Visit Akashi’s shop in the Shop section of the menu.

  • Not as Good as Sis, But… Achievement:

Complete a battle with an A rank. This means that you fail one of the three criteria for an S rank. Try to defeat one of your ships in battle.

  • A Mighty Warrior! Achievement:

Sink 100 ships. (I don’t actually know the exact number, but it shouldn’t be 1000)

  • We Also Have Discounts…Achievement :

Visit Shiranui’s shop in the Shop section of the menu.

  • Pledge to the Rose Goddess Achievement :

As you interact more with your ships, they will start taking a liking to you. You can see this status in their individual tabs in the Dock. Once they start to love you, you will be able to make a pledge to them.

  • Aim for 100 Points! Achievement :

Once you get your first skill book, go to the Dock, select one of your ships and then their skills, and press Strengthen.

  • The Azure You Obtained Achievement

You’ve completed Azur Lane: Crosswave!

  • The One Who Sees All Achievement

You’ve viewed all events that can occur in Story Mode!

  • “All, Have Assembled” Achievement

You’ve seen every character’s Episodes!

  • Guardian of the Blue Route Achievement

You’ve repelled all rival fleets!

  • Collector of Paradise Achievement

You’ve completed the Gallery Mode!

  • Duty of the Home Port Watcher Achievement

You’ve viewed the ending of Story Mode!

  • “There’s Room For Improvement!” Achievement

You’ve acquired a very rare piece of equipment!

  • Final Chapter Complete Achievement

You’ve completed the Final Chapter’s report!!

  • Chapter 6 Complete Achievement

You’ve completed Chapter 6’s report!

  • Chapter 5 Complete Achievement

You’ve completed Chapter 5’s report!

  • Chapter 4 Complete Achievement

You’ve completed Chapter 4’s report!

  • Chapter 3 Complete Achievement

You’ve completed Chapter 3’s report!

  • Chapter 2 Complete Achievement

You’ve completed Chapter 2’s report!

  • Prologue Complete Achievement

Report: Recording Initialized.

Secret Trophies & Achievement

  • Pledge to the Rose Goddess Achievement

You’ve made your first Pledge!

  •  “Pudding of Congratulations!” Achievement

You’ve succeeded in Cognitive Awakening!

This is the ending of Azur Lane Crosswave Achievement & Trophies Guide guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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