Axiom Soccer – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Axiom Soccer – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Is Axiom Soccer?

A: Axiom Soccer is set in the near future, and makes use of just-over-the-horizon technologies, renewable energy, and virtual reality broadcasting. The world is within touching distance of our own.

In the technology era of 2040, real sports have been sanitised by safety measures, and the highest-adrenaline events are now machine-based and remote controlled.
The electrically powered drones in Axiom Soccer are controlled remotely by the players, or AI systems operated by the sport’s ruling body, the Axiom Soccer Federation.
Axiom Soccer is a global business mixing the technology of high speed racing with ball sports, with virtual controls resulting from a convergence between eSports and physical sports, allowing anyone to be a sports star of the future regardless of physical prowess.

Elements of old ball games still remain however, modernised for the high impact speeds of future sports. Remote controlled goalkeepers, powerful corner bumpers and environmental defence barriers all pay homage to the once human played sports.

The fans of the future can sit at home and experience live sports in virtual reality, with simulated crowd effects at the pitch driven by responses from the remote viewers watching at home in their VR rooms. The human interaction that makes sport so compelling is retained in a virtual way.

Q: Why should I play Axiom Soccer?

A: Our aim with Axiom Soccer is to expand the arena sports genre by offering players something a bit different, but still capture the fast paced frantic fun fans of the genre will be used to.
Fans of third person shooters will be able to instantly pick up and play as we built Axiom Soccer around shooting rather than driving, focusing the skill in a players ability to use the 5 different weapons for ball control.
With 5 unique weapons, player-controllable goalkeepers, corner bumpers and environmental mechanics, we hope fans of football games and third-person shooters will instantly be able to pick up, play and have fun, even if they were previously not fans of the arena sports genre.

Q: What are some of the features of Axiom Soccer

A: With Axiom Soccer we took inspiration from real world ball games to create game world equivalents fitting with the high tech future of Axiom Soccer.
Omnidirectional flying drones are each equipped with 5 ammo types, all simulating different methods of ball control, from hard kicks to light dribbles.
Controllable goalkeepers allow all players to participate in the action, meaning no-one is forced to stay in goal and defend during game play and everyone gets to feel the excitement of scoring goals. Corner bumpers work like soccer crosses so you can set up epic shots and passes to team mates. Environmental defenses work like real defenders preventing the opposing team from attacking without tactical ball control.

Q: What game modes are available?

A: From launch Axiom Soccer will have all modes familiar to PC shooter fans.
Quickplay for instant jump in jump out action against teams of up to 3 players.
Competitive Play, typical to games such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike where your rank standing is on the line. Axiom Soccers Competitive Play takes inspiration from football, where division promotions and relegations happen based upon your final season rank.

Q: Can I customise my vehicle?

A: All drone bodies will have a variety of unique strips and colours players can set, alongside custom propellers and projectile trails.
Further customisation with logos and drone branding is planned for a future release.

Q: What are Axiom Soccers Twitch integrated features?

A: While still in early development Axiom Soccers Twitch integration features will enable viewers to participate in Twitch streams like never before.
Become part of the action with avatar representation, triggerable stadium effects including grand scale pyrotechnics and smoke, and support your favorite streamers with visual vehicle and stadium sponsorships.

Q: What are the launch plans for Axiom Soccer?

A: Axiom Soccer will be launched Q1 of 2019 on PC via the Steam Store.
Initially launching at a lower price point as an early access title, this will be increased as we develop and improve the game further.

Q: What is the future for Axiom Soccer?

A: Axiom Soccer is being developed alongside feedback from our growing Discord community.
Future game types and visual content will be developed based upon player reaction and feedback upon launch.

Q: How can I contact you to find out more about Axiom Soccer?
A: For further enquiries please contact [email protected] and we will get back to you.


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