Autonauts Robots Guide (What Robots can do)

Autonauts game guide focuses on a guide for What Robots can do. The guide will give you some basic tips and tricks for Robots in Autonauts game. while writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

What you and Robots can do

Now that we have a general idea of what the game is all about let’s have a look at what you and therefore every Robots can do. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but rather some good tips to have a better idea of the range of actions you can perform. Also the entirety of the guide assumes that you have been through the tutorial included in the game and I won’t go over the basics taught in the tutorial for the sake of efficiency.

Stacking several items of one kind in your hands

Each and every object of the world has a specific weight and most of them can be stacked on top of each other and carried around that way.

Here our character holds 4 stones stacked on top of each other as represented at the bottom of the screen by the 4 rocks in the “hands” part of the inventory.

Not only this is obviously useful for yourself when you need to help on a specific task but this becomes a huge time gain when you make proper use of this for your Robots. Be careful as Robots carry capacity varies based on their “Bod” part and whether they have a Power upgrade or not.

If an item is heavy it will uses several slots of your “hands” inventory (you can see it with the log in the next example, it uses all 4 of the “hands” inventory).

Using your Backpack to carry even more stuff


Not only you can carry up to 4 items in your hand depending on their weight but you can also stash things in your precious backpack. By default your backpack has a capacity of one slot and Robots need a “Backpack Upgrade” installed to have access to a backpack.

Here you can see our character holding a heavy log in its hands while having a stone preciously stored in its backpack. Using your backpack is particularly useful when you need to bring different items from one place to another, you only do the trip once instead of twice!

Upgrade yourself and your Robots for maximum efficiency

You may notice some “+” icons on the right of your inventory (and your Robots’). These are the Upgrade slots. Your character has 4 slots while the Robots have at least 1 and more based on their Head part.

In this example you can see that our character has a Backpack upgrade while our Robot has a Locomotion Upgrade and an Energy Upgrade (improving its movement speed and energy capacity respectively). And yes, you can dress your Robots the same way you can dress your character.

Your Robots can do what you can

It may sound stupid but always remind yourself that any action you can perform, your Robots can (except for programming other Robots). I insist on that fact because the tutorial does not show you a very big range of actions your Robots can perform and some simple tasks performed by your Robots can save you so much time. A simple example of that is the task to recharge the battery of a Robot. You can have several Robots in charge of recharging discharged Robots or even include that action to Robots already busy with other jobs (so they can recharge each other once in a while).

I strongly recommend you to mess around with the Robots programming part of the game, try about everything you can think of and see how Robots behave. The possibilities are genuinely limitless.

Programming Robots: How to git gud with Scripts

The biggest part of the game is without a doubt programming your Robots well. Generally you want your Robots to do most, if not all the work while you do almost nothing. The best way to be efficient and move forward is to program new Robots while the ones you programmed before are working for you.

As I said in the previous part I cannot stress enough you really should experiment with programming as much as possible. The interface is very user friendly and easy to understand, so mess around with it you cannot do anything detrimental so enjoy yourself.

I am in no ways an expert and I don’t think that there will ever be “good” or “bad” ways to play the game and program your Robots. However it is possible to give general advices to make things easier for yourself and widen your panel of possibilities.

Looping all the time

Loops are vital to make more sophisticated Scripts for your Robots to follow. The tutorial makes a good job of teaching you the most basic use of Loops being the “Forever” and “Until ? is full” options.

The former forces your Robots to perform all the actions inside the Loop forever (or at least until you shut it down manually) while the latter forces your Robots to perform actions inside the loop until the structure you choose becomes full (a single crafted item counts a crafting station as full so be wary of that when you plan your Scripts).

The “Exit if fail” clause

The “Exit if fail” clause (let’s call it “ExIf” from now on) allows your Robot to gets out of the loop whenever it is impossible for the Robot to perform the actions inside it. Remember that your Robot will still do the loop following its applications’ conditions as long as it can, it will exit the loop only when it cannot anymore.

Let’s check out a very basic example of how we can make use of an ExIf.

In this Loop the Robot will 1) Search for a Stone in the designated area, 2) Move to the Stone and 3) Pick up the previously selectedStone. The conditions for the loop to happen is “Until hands full” which means that the Robot will continuously Look, Move to and Pick Up Stones until its hands are full.

So far things are pretty simple, we created the loop so that the Robot moves as much Stones as possible at once instead of picking them up one by one.

But what if we want our Robot to perform its next actions as soon as possible if there is no Stone available in the area? For example Stones may be available in the designated area very rarely and it may take a very long time for your Robot to finally gets its hands full.

Come in our ExIf clause. As you can see in the top right hand corner of the image the small white box next to the Loop condition has a pointing down arrow. This means that this condition does have an ExIf clause and therefore if the Robot cannot perform these actions it will stop trying and move on with the rest of its Script.

This means that IF the Robot can stack up to 4 Stones it will but if there is no other Stones to pick up at that moment it will still go on with its actions (which in this example would be to put them in storage).

The ExIf clause opens up an infinite amount of possibilities for your otherwise limited Robots. For example you can setup a Robot to perform some actions Forever with an ExIf clause. This is particularly useful for cases where you want your Robot to quickly scan an area to perform an action once in a while. Maybe you want your stone gatherer Robot to sometimes re-charge your other Robots, well you can do just that with a simple Forever ExIf loop (it can work fine with a Times 1 loop as well in this example.

A word on memory limitations

Each Robot has a limited memory capacity which materializes as KB. Each KB translates to either one line of script or a Loop. In this example we could add at most 5 lines of Scripts and/or Loops to the Script of our Robot.

Starting Robot have a very poor Memory capacity so you will be limited at first with the type of actions your Robots can perform on their own. To improve the memory of your Robots you need to give them a better Head part or install Memory upgrades to them. Don’t install a memory upgrade on every of your Robots though as other upgrades can be more interesting if you don’t need the extra lines of Scripts.

Here is an example of a small Loop of Script made to reduce the amount of Memory used to perform an action. The Robot will pick up and load a Log on the chopping block twice in a row with only 5 lines of Scripts instead of doubling the 4 lines (we save 3 KB that way).

If you find you are short on Memory try to see if you can’t take shortcuts to save up on Memory, just be careful that your Robot can still perform its intended actions properly though!

The types of Upgrades a Robot can have

Here are the 6 types of Upgrades you Robots can have access to (at least to begin with), each of these upgrades exist in several levels of efficacy. For example the Crude Power Upgrade increases the carry capacity of your Robot by 1 while the Good one increases it by 2.

BrainImproves the Memory Capacity of your Robot.
PowerAllows your Robot to carry more items at once in its hands.
SensorIncreases the radius in which your Robot can scan an area.
LocomotionImproves the movement speed of your Robot.
BackpackLets the Robot use a Backpack to store objects in it while carrying other items in its hands.
Energy EfficiencyIncreases the Energy capacity your Robot has, allowing it to last longer without needing a recharge.

A word on Signs

Signs and other similar items let you use more advanced interactions with your Robots. When you interact with a Sign you can change its text but also its area of influence. This area can then be used dynamically by Robots to perform action.

In order to do so just click on the Select Structure button (you might want to click on that picture to see it closely) and then select your Sign. This means that the Robot will then perform its scanning action within the boundaries of the area designated by the Sign. The Sign can then be held by anyone, including Robots, to be moved around.

This can obviously be used for a huge array of actions. One example is to build quickly structures. You can tell one Robot to constantly look for blueprints in the vicinity of the Sign and bring it materials and then place your Sign next to any structure you want to build, and move your Sign around when needed. This is just one example, you can create a giant snake party if you prefer, of even be a shepherd.

A silly example of my Sheep Robot coming to pick up some Berries around the Sign.

This is the ending of Autonauts Robots Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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    Press Q to insert Strow and Retrieve commands into the script, instructs them to use backpack if they have a backpack space available, one puts item into backpack, other one retrieves it.

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