ATOM RPG All Crafting Recipes

All Crafting Recipes

Some Recipes from that page also seem to be plainly wrong. For example the “custom crossbow” and the “wooden crossbow” seem redundant. And the triple barreled pipe pistol seems to have the wrong ingredients. I hope we can fix that soon when we know more.

The number in brackets behind a recipe name is the minimum skill requirement to craft this recipe.

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Pistols & SMGs

Zip Gun(10):
2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log/Club + Wire/Rope
Double barreled Zip Gun(30):
Zip gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Empty Tin Can
Custom air pistol(30):
Zip gun + Scrap Metal + Fire Extinguisher + Plastic Bottle
Custom Revolver(20):
Zip Gun + Scrap Metal + 2x Nails + Electrical Tape
Capsule Revolver(30):
Custom Revolver + Scrap Metal + 2x Empty Tin Can + Electrical Tape/Wires
Capsule Revolver+(45):
Capsule Revolver + Scrap Metal + 2x Electrical Tape + Toolbox*
Quality Samopal(40):
Zip gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Toolbox*
Triple Barreled Samopal(45):
Double Barreled Zip Gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Toolbox*

Rifles & Crossbows

Pipe Rifle(10):
2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log/Club + Electrical Tape
Custom Double Barrel shotgun(30):
Pipe Rifle + Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Empty Can
Custom Triple Barrel shotgun(40):
Custom Double Barrel shotgun + 2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log + Empty Plastic Bottle
Custom Quad Barrel Shotgun(50):
Custom Triple Barrel shotgun + Scrap Metal + 2x Rope/Wire + Toolbox*
Self-made Rifle(35):
Pipe Rifle + Scrap Metal + 3x Magnifying Glass + 2x Empty Can
Rifle with Clip(50):
Self-made Rifle + 2x Scrap + 2x Write + Tire Part
Sniper Rifle(50):
Rifle with Clip + Scrap Metal + 2x Electrical Tape + Toolbox*
Custom Crossbow(10):
2x Log + Rope + Babushka Scarf
Wooden Crossbow(?):
Scrap Metal + Rope + Babushka Scarf
Metal Crossbow(?):
2x Wooden Crossbow + 2x Scrap Metal + 3x Tin Can + 2x Rope
Heavy Crossbow(?):
2x Wooden Crossbow + Scrap Metal + 3x Rope/Wire + Toolbox*

Melee Weapons

Quality Knife(3):
Knife + Sharpening Stone
Electrical Tape + Spoon/Fork + Brick/Sharpening Stone
Broken Bottle(1):
Brick + Glass Bottle
Broken Shovel Handle + Nails + Scrap Metal
Spiked Club(5):
Club + Nails
Cudgel / Blackjack(10):
Scrap Metal + Brik/Sharpening Stone
Stone Knife(10):
Stone Tool + Electrical Tape + Sharpening Stone


Homemade Incendiary Grenade(20):
Ant Salivary Gland + Gasoline/Diesel + Soap
Molotov Cocktail(20):
Glass Bottle + Gasoline/Diesel + Bandanna/Scarf
Custom Made Grenade(10):
Empty Can + 2x Gunpowder + 2x Wire
Explosive with a makeshift timer(60):
2x Dynamite stick + wire + alarm clock + lantern battery


Tire Armor:
2x Tire Piece + Camouflage/Khaki/Spotted – Bandana + Wire + Scrap Metal
Thorny Armor:
Scrap Metal + Rabbit Skin + Rope/Wire + 2x Nails
Steel Breastplate:
3x Scrap Metal + 2x Rabbit Skin + 3x Rope/Wire + Toolkit
Leather Breastplate:
2x Rabbit Skin + 2x Babushka Scarf + 2x Rope/Wire + Toolkit
Wild Shield:
2x Wood Log + Nails
Wrought Shield:
2x Wood Log + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + 2x Tire Piece
DIY Respirator:
Plastic Bottle + Wire + Babushka Scarf
DIY Helmet:
2x Scrap Metal + Babushka Scarf + 2x Electrical Tape + Nails


Toilet Paper/ Waste Paper + Tobacco
Toilet Paper/ Waste Paper + Devil’s Weed
Corned Meat:
Salt + Meat
Healing Powder:
Herb Collection + Camouflage/Khaki/Spotted – Bandana + Rotten amanita
Wolf Antidote:
Onion + Milk + Rotten amanita
Salted Fish:
Three eyed catfish/Gorbach/Horned Smelt + Salt
Animal Potion:
Old shoe + Brine + Moonshine + Amanita(Mushroom)

Other Stuff/Quest Items:

Rotten Amanita:
Amanita(Mushroom) + 2x Magnifying Glass + Waste Paper/Pan
Fishing Rod:
Rope + Electrical Tape + Nails + Empty Plastic Bottle
A Bag:
Babushka Scarf + 2x Wire + Plastic Bottle
Weird Doll:
Corn + Toadstool + Nails
Shield of Count Roevsky:
Super Glue + 4x Shield Pieces
Stone Knife:
Stone Tool + Electrical Tape + Sharpening Stone
Broken Shovel Handle + Nails + Scrap Metal

* Explanation* behind a ingredient means that it isn’t used up after crafting something. For example toolboxes.

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