In this guide i will show you how to cheat!

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Open up your file manger and enter in the search bar” %AppData%/../LocalLow/AtomTeam/Atom ”

Then go to your current save game. Ill use my file called Save_5_v9.
Open up the file and then find the file called player.dat . Open it using notepad and then you have access to your charater stats, and yes you can change these at will. Note any changes will not take place until you reload that save.

Stuff you can do and how to do it!

So you done the steps but what can you do and how. Well this is what ive learned.

Lets say you want to edit your luck stat .

This is what its going to look like.

“luck” : “4”

You can change that number to any number threw 10ish -I havent tried to go hirer due to thare being no point.

Do you want a gun or edit your ammount of ammo/item?

copy paste or edit this line of code
Ill use [ as a start and stop of the code.

“class” : “Item”,
“count” : “1”,
“proto” : “Whetstone”

This string will add one whetstone but if i change the 1 to a 2 ill get 2 stones.

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