Atlas Taming Basics

So for the first thing about taming you have to unlock the beastmastery tree and then the taming skill in order to tame. There is three levels to the skill and certain creatures require certain levels. For instance a bunny or chicken is Taming 1 and a wolf is Taming 2.

Alright so now you’ve got the skill and are ready to tame something but how do you go about doing it? Well there is two different kinds of Taming that work different and require different things from the user. These two methods are passive taming, and Bola taming.

Passive taming just like in Ark is pretty damn easy. You place the item required for taming in the last inventory slot of your hotbar and walk up to the animal with the required taming skill and just press e. It’ll now display a taming complete bar under the ui for the creature as well as some other stats. It’ll also trigger a cool down in which you must wait before feeding the animal the item again. Do this however many times is required and you will tame the creature. Examples of passive tames I can think of are : Bunnies, Chickens, Female Cows, and the little monkeys.

Bola taming is the other type of taming and this one has the most complaints/misinformation about it. Many people don’t understand how this system works and I see people post on the forums saying it’s broken etc etc. That’s not true so please stop saying it. Now Bola taming itself is hard. Much harder than any taming I did in Ark and requires a lot of patience and typically a lot of death. My recommendation is to create a taming pen in which you lure the animal into and close a gate behind so it cannot escape. The walls should have window holes which can be built by going to place a wall and pressing t to change type of wall. Once you have got the animal in the pen to tame it you must lower it’s health to the point where it is “entrapable” via the Bola. Typically it’s when the animal is in the orange health of it’s health bar. You can double check by selecting the Bola from your hotbar and aiming at the creature. It’ll display text in green that says “Entrapable” if you can Bola the creature. Once you are able to you hold down left click to spin the Bola and let go when you want to throw it at said animal. (If you built a taming pen you can throw it through the window at the animal)

Alright so now you have got the Bola on the animal and it’s on the ground and a timer that says “Bola escape in: xxx” this indicates when the animal will break out of it’s Bola and recover roughly half of it’s health. While the animal is bola’d you must walk up to it and with the item required to tame in your last hotbar press e just like passive taming. Things to note on this however is that unlike passive taming the animal will fight back. He will bite at you and knock you back if you get too close to the head. The easiest way to avoid this is to go behind its head where it can’t attack you. Now once you feed it once it’ll trigger the same stuff as passive tame with the ui and the cool down. Continue to feed it and eventually it’ll escape the Bola. Once it escapes you must damage it to “Entrapable” range again and Bola it once more and rinse and repeat. Some examples of animals that require this method are: Wolves, Bears, Lions and Bulls.

For the current list of animals I know how to tame or have tamed it is as follows.

Current tameable animals we know of:

Rabbit – passive tame with carrots
Cow – passive tame with rushes
Bull – Bola tame with rushes
Wolf – Bola tame with Bone
Lion – Bola tame with Prime meat
Tiny monkey – Passive tame with berries
Chicken – Passive tame with Berries
Pig – Passive tame with Maize
Horse – Bola tame with Sugar Cane
Bear – Bola tame with Honey

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