Atlas How to Find Water

This is a very simple guide for finding clean water.

Clean water near homeport town

This is the first method for obtaining clean water

Near the town there are temples that vary in looks. Right next to it there is a pond with clean water, press E (or your “use” key) on the water (or in the water) and your character will drink the water.

An example of the temple is this “Greel” temple:

How to Find Clean Water Anywhere on Any Island

This is the 2nd more practical way to obtain water early on

To begin you must press the “X” key (or your keybind to go prone). This will make your character go prone on the ground. Click your left mouse button and a minigame will appear.

This minigame uses timing, so you must time it in the right zone three times.

After you have done this water will begin to squirt out of the soil. Press your “E” key to drink it (or your keybind to “use”).

To do this again you must move into a different zone with water in the soil! There are plenty of areas on the Homeport islands (or any island) to do this!

*When there is rain, the water in the ground is refilled so keep an eye.

*The environment may play part on the amount of rain. It is not confirmed but it may rain less in desert islands and snow islands.

How to carry water

1- Hold your water skin in your hands

2- Press E in a pond and lakes

*Waterskins will slowly drop water over time and if left unattended before you know it there will be no water left!

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