ASTRONEER How to Extend Your Range ( Tips & Tricks)

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How to Extend Your Range ( Tips & Tricks)

Reach Hacks

I am sure we have all carried a lot of research at once from one location to another. It is annoying to stop, move each individual item a few feet, run some more, and repeat. Luckily this process can be completed much quicker by making your characters reach distance larger. If you equip your terrain tool with ‘E’, your range is nearly doubled. It is so much easier to use this trick.

Saving Space

Building a base on another planet is difficult sometimes, including when you are just trying to deal with the logistics nightmare that is space travel. A space ship in this game holds anywhere from 0 – 64 items normally, and packages for larger items eat up most of this space. I always plan ahead and think about efficiency when loading up ships. Here are a few tips.

I can bring 1 aluminum and 2 compound instead of a soil centrifuge, leaving 5 extra slots on a medium storage for printers / RTGs / platforms / resin.

Half used hydrozine cans will still be taken by the chemistry lab to craft another thing.

Put 2 large storage modules inside the large ship. They fit inside to double the cargo capacity.

Repackage research pods to fit them in your backpack.

* If you want to sacrifice your O2 tethers, storrages can fit in the oxygenator slot. *

Safety First

I find myself dying a lot in ASTRONEER, most of the time due to bugs or my own stupidity. ( If i don’t crash first because it is so unstable. ) Here are some tips to survive longer.

If you drive into a pit, don’t jump out. Your seat will cancel out all fall damage.

Hydrozine is explosive, so avoid dangerous plants while carrying it.

Do not put Dynamite in a shredder. I learned that the hard way.

If you have a vehicle in the caves, and are about to die from plants, get in. Plants will not see you inside of the seat.

This is the ending of ASTRONEER How to Extend Your Range ( Tips & Tricks) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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