Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Taking Out the Competition Walkthrough

How to unlock: Talk with the old lady.

Walkthrough: This quest consists of three targets – Agis of the North, Gaia the Fist and Theos the Stragazer. You can kill these opponents in any order.

Gaia The Fist has no animal to help her in battle. Her weapons deal a lot of damage but do not poison or set the hero on fire.

Agis of the North has the ability to heal, additionally uses a long melee weapon. It is best to shoot at him from a bow, thus avoiding a direct fight with your opponent.

Theos the Stargazer fights with a spear, has a shield and a trained hyena at his disposal. Get rid of his companion before you approach him. It’s best to eliminate him with a bow.

Next up is A Good Toast.

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