Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Guide to Resources

This guide will show you how to get way more than enough resources for everything you need without ever having to do anything that you might not enjoy. Remember, there is no way for you to get everything at once, it needs to take a while, but this guide will make it much easier.

1. Read This

This is a really important thing that you must be able to understand before you can start playing the game. As long as you are capable of using your brain, you have no reason to worry because you will likely understand this basic logic.

A lot of people tend to call this game a “grindfest” which is not true. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey s a huge open world role playing game and obviously requires you to put a lot of time into it. Just because you don’t have enough time for such a massive game doesn’t mean you have the rights to call it a “grindfest” or whatever else.

However, if you actually do have enough time for games and you still think that this game is a “grindfest” then this simply isn’t a game for you. This likely isn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but that’s how it is. Buying this game thinking you would finish it in less than 10 hours is a mistake. Even if that was actually possible, it’s still a mistake to buy this game and ignore the incredible amount of content it has.

Don’t even bother saying that all the content that the game has is nothing but “grinding” because that’s obviously not true unless you really have no clue what you’re getting into.

Anyway, the problem with this game is exactly the opposite of what the majority complains about and it’s that you can reach high levels way too soon without much effort, but it’s not really a big deal.

Microtransactions exist because some people are stupid, impatient or simply too rich and not because “the game is unplayable without microtransactions” as some like to say. You can get everything that people like to call “microtransactions” only by playing the game and believe me, it’s much more enjoyable to get all of that stuff on your own, so I really don’t see why would anyone waste money on that. I’m not defending microtransactions, but I’m not complaining either because I have no reason to complain about something that is not necessary. In fact, it’s completely pointless.

One of the main reasons why this game is getting called a “grindfest” is because of the crafting resources and that is exactly why this guide exists. I’m going to explain how to have way more than enough of these resources for everything that can be crafted with them, as well as drachmae (the main currency) and all types of gear.

2. Universal Ways

The following ways apply to all resources:

1. Dismantle everything that can be dismantled. It’s not possible to dismantle legendary items and it shouldn’t be possible because once you have them, legendary items are the only useful items and that is exactly why you should dismantle everything else. If you’re low on drachmae and don’t have any legendary items with stats that suit your playstyle then you should avoid dismantling or selling any items. However, if you have a full set of legendary items, but not enough drachmae, then you should sell epic items since they can be quite expensive. Rare and common items aren’t worth selling, you should always dismantle them. Make sure to dismantle every item that you don’t intend to use as soon as you pick it up because dismantling can definitely take a while if your inventory is almost full of junk.

2. Make sure to loot war supplies because they can often contain a plenty of all types of materials. They can be found in camps, forts, leader houses and other such places.

3. Use the Revelation ability to reveal locations of lootable items. This might not help you so much, but it’s still good to know.

4. Pay attention to the environment becuase a lot of materials can be found that way. This will be explained for individual resources.

3. Olive Wood

1. There is just one kind of plant that can give you olive wood and it always looks exactly the same. It can be found almost anywhere, except for places such as cities which should be obvious. Most of them are in forests, which is also obivous. There is really no need for a picture as it can be recognised easily.

2. The best way to get thousands of olive wood is by destroying any kind of ships. Don’t forget to loot the ships after you destroy them. Destroying ships always gives you a lot of wood, but you can also expect to find other materials sometimes.

4. Soft Leather

1. Make sure to kill every goat, boar, bear, wolf, lion and other such animals you see because killing them is the best way to get soft leather. This is also the only way to get soft leather, other than the ways which were mentioned earlier.

5. Iron Metal, Precious Gems, Obsidian Glass

1. Caves are full of all of these materials. You can easily spot them by using the Revelation ability.

2. They can also be found in the same places as olive wood.

6. Ancient Tablets

1. Ancient tablets are used only for upgrading your ship and they can only be found in ruins.

7. Conclusion

Just make sure to stick with the said tips and I can guarantee you that you will always have way more than enough of all kind of resources without even having to worry about them. I should know because I still have over 500,000 drachmae and 10,000 of all crafting resources after fully upgrading both my gear and my ship. See, there really isn’t any point in wasting money on microtransactions. Again, I have never had to spend a single second thinking about getting resources because I always have way more than enough.

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