Artificial Extinction Guide for Beginners (Controls Sentries Weapons, Resources)

Artificial Extinction game guide focuses on guide for beginners. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Artificial Extinction is a Sentry Defense game involving Real Time Strategy elements played from the First Person point of view. The story is very relevant to today’s topics of the race to invent Artificial Intelligence, LAWS, AI Murder Policy debate and military’s implementing robotics and drones on today’s battlefield.

This guide provides you basic tips about controls, sentries, weapons, resources, enemies for the game. This is also a work in progress guides so many other tips will be added soon.

Basic Controls

Move ForwardWYou move forwards
Move BackwardsSYou move backwards
Move LeftAYou move to the left
Move RightDYou move to the right
FireLMB ( Left Mouse Button )You fire your gun
JumpSpacebarYou jump into the air
InteractEYou pickup/drop stuff
Rifle1You select your Rifle
Claymore2You select your Claymore
Rocket Launcher3You select your Rocket Launcher
ReloadRYou Reload your weapon
CyberattackHYou use your cyberattack ability
Construction MenuCFrom here you can construct things or buy ammo or command your drone.
Rifle / Rocket Launcher ScopeRMB ( Right Mouse Button )Use this to aim with your rifle / Rocket Launcher
Cycle WeaponsMouse Wheel UpQuickly cycle through your weapons.
Large MapTABUse this to open a larger map.
SprintLeft ShiftUse this to run faster.

Sentry Types

Sentry Name: Sniper Sentry

Strength: Ground Units


  • Upgrade 1: Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Upgrade 2: Double Rate of Fire

Sentry Name: Anti- Air Sentry

Strength: Flying Units, Missiles, Timed Bombs.


  • Upgrade 1: Heat Seaking Launcher
  • Upgrade 2: Another Heat Seaking Launcher

Sentry Name: Gun Sentry

Strength: Close Quarters ground units


  • Upgrade 1: Double rate of fire
  • Upgrade 2: Double ammo Capacity

Sentry Name: MLRS

Strength: Ground Units, Air Units.


  • No upgrades, 1 time use.

Sentry Name: Missile Dome


Strength: missiles


  • No upgrades, 1 time use.


Resource: Fuel

Needed for: Main mission Ship

Max Miners: 1

Resource: Energy

Needed for: Placing Sentries

Max Miners: Unlimited

Resource: Steel

Needed for: Placing Sentries, Repairing them & Buying Ammo.

Max Miners: 5

Abilities & Weapons

DroneCan Repair Sentries
AirstrikeCalls in your ship for an airstrike ( 1 use )
CyberAttackHack an enemy unit to aid you ( 5 uses )


Weapon Name: Sniper

Use: Long & Close range attacks.

Weapon Name: Claymore

Use: Explodes when ground unit comes close.

Weapon Name: Rocket Launcher

Use: Lock on attack for Ground / Air units.


Name: Spider Tank

Attack: Long range Gun

Best Sentry to use Against: Sniper Turret / MLRS

Name: UAV

Attack: Distracts Sentries

Best Sentry to use Against: AA Sentry / MLRS

Name: UAV Shooting

Attack: Close Quarters Gun

Best Sentry to use Against: AA Sentry / MLRS

Name: Bomber

Attack: Drops bombs in a row, medium damage

Best Sentry to use Against: MLRS / Rocket Launcher

Name: Heavy Bomber

Attack: Drops a Timed bomb with heavy damage

Best Sentry to use Against: AA Sentry to destroy the bombs / MLRS / Rocket Launcher

Name: Spider Missile Tank

Attack: Shoots a long range missile at your base.

Best Sentry to use Against: Missile Dome / AA Sentry to destroy the missiles. Use a rocket launcher to destroy the tank.


  • Get to 5 steel miners as fast as you can.
  • Don’t place Sentries to close to each other.
  • Use you Airstrike Ability before reaching 90% Fuel.
  • Listen to your buddy on where bombers come from, shoot them down before they can hurt you or your sentries!

This is the ending of “Artificial Extinction guide”. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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