Armello Achievements Guide 2019

Character Victories

Play and win with the specified character, the easiest way to win is by prestige, but it’s also the most time-consuming.

  • The Winter Wolf (Thane)
  • Forest Sister (Sana)
  • The Far Seeker (Amber)
  • The Grinning Blade (Mercurio)
  • Howling Arrow (River)
  • Oakbreaker (Brun)
  • Screwloose (Barnaby)
  • The Whisper (Zosha)


  • Win by combat: Defeat the king in battle without dying.
  • Recommended characters:
  • Thane (Fight amulet) (Faster game) or River (Guaranteed with her Hero Power). Make sure that you are not Corrupted before initiating the final fight
  • Do all the quests that reward you with Fight.
  • Try to get the Squire as a follower, who will ensure that you don’t die in combat avoiding a loss by prestige, since attacking the king makes your prestige 0.
  • Save a few cards with sword icons (or try to recruit the Berserker), then burn them in the final fight to have Piercing damage against the king, securing the kill.
  • Alternatively if you’re River just wait until the king is at 1 health and finish him off with your hero power.

Royal Steward

  • Win by prestige: Be the hero with the most prestige by the time the King dies.
  • Recommended character: Any. Though I’ve found best results with Mercurio (Wits amulet) and Amber (Diamond ring for extra profit).
  • Try your absolute best to not die, do your quests, even for the safe reward, what you’re after here is just the prestige boost.
  • Take advantage of the Bounties and remember that you don’t need to fight to claim a Bounty, if you manage to kill a character with a card you will claim the Bounty.
  • Be ready to be the target of most enemy cards. Stealth is your best friend.
  • Blackheart
  • Win by Rot: Defeat the king in a Rot Battle (without dying)
  • Recommended characters: Sana (Spirit amulet), Brun (Fight amulet), Thane (Fight amulet)
  • You should focus in getting Corrupted ASAP. Even if it means to die to Banes a few times. Go for the quests that give you “Cursed” items. (The cost is Gain 1 Rot)
  • Always get the quests that increase your primary stat (Fight for both Brun and Thane or Spirit for Sana).
  • Once you’re Corrrupted you can start farming Rot by killing Banes (don’t overdo this, you want to be just above the king’s rot value), once you have decent gear and more Rot than the king go ahead and rush him down, with the Fight heroes you won’t have much trouble getting in, with Sana make sure that you bring some spells to get rid of those Royal Guards
  • With Sana you can try and infiltrate the castle earlier in the game due to her amazing Spirit, and against the king she’s a beast.
  • With the others you might be low in both Wits and Spirit so try to get the last quest as fast as you can.
  • Try to save the Mirror Image spell to increase your chances on this last battle.
  • As with Kingslayer try to get the Squire follower, he won’t only take the ALL hits for you if you’re supposed to die but this will also give you a free heal after you kill whoever tried to kill you.

Spirit Walker

  • Win by Spirit Stones: Challenge the king while having at least 4 spirit stones.
  • Recommended characters: Sana (Spirit/Wits amulet), Amber (Spirit/Wits amulet), Mercurio (Wits amulet + Evasion ring)
  • You should only get quests that increase you with either Spirit or Wits, especially if the reward is a Spirit Stone. Conversely you should avoid quests that require of your weaker stats even if the reward is a spirit stone.
  • A lot of this victory depends greatly on RNG, chase after the Spirit Stones as they spawn or try Exploring dungeons for them, as soon as you get 4 rush for the castle.
  • Since you will probably be on the weaker side of combat try to avoid it as much as you can, and try to save a Hot Rot Wine for the turn in which you infiltrate the castle for an instant victory.
  • Don’t be afraid of the castle traps since they should be no match for your high stats.
    Adventurer’s Kits or the infamous Sailor’s Lantern + Spy Glass combo are your best tools. And if you get the lucky break of finding followers you should definitely consider getting the Brilliant Fool, Explorer and Bard.

Fortified Regicide

  • Defeat the King in battle without taking any damage.
    Recommended Characters: Barnaby (Scratch/Rot amulet), Thane (Scratch/Rot amulet).
  • Barnaby’s Hero Power is simply insane for this achievement, while Thane’s will let you get those very helpful Piercing hits in.
  • Prioritize doing the Fight quests, gear up with defensive items, especially try to gets your hands on a Heavy Plate Armour or two. Battle Armour works great too, and if you are lucky enough to find a Lionheart Breastplate you shouldn’t think twice on equipping it.
    Do your quests fast so you get the free castle entry.
  • Consider leveling up your Rot since you can get a tonne of free dice out of the king by the time you fight him.
  • Mirror Image is probably the greatest spell to have cast on yourself for this fight (for an extra bonus you can have Aflame cast on yourself, making all the suns explode).
  • If you can get the Blacksmith you should, he’s a great follower for this achievement.

Art of War

  • Win a game without dying.
  • Recommended characters: Zosha (Evasion ring + Body/Watch/Grow amulet)
  • It is possible to win a match by any of the 4 different victory conditions without dying, however a victory by Prestige is arguably the safest option.
  • Zosha has a great starting Fight score, however if you want to avoid dying you shouldn’t be looking for fights on the first place. Prioritize wits quests since this will also help with Evade, followed by either spirit or body.
  • For this achievement you will have to play extremely safe, hang back from other characters and take advantage of Stealth. Avoid ending your turn in the day next to a Dungeon to avoid getting telefraggedby a Bane.
  • Focus on getting settlements and controlling the game with Trickery cards and the Landowner bonus. Playing Bounty followed by Mercenaries is very powerful.


  • You should try to get the defensive items:
  • Oak Spear works very well with Evasion.
  • Ranger’s Cloak is great for the extra daytime Stealth
  • If you’re trying to bypass perils your best items are the Sailor’s Lantern and Spy Glass combo, you could also get an Adventurer’s Kit for extra safety.


  • Spy Master is probably the best follower that you can get for this achievement since it will help you see where the other heroes are going to so you can avoid them.
  • Brilliant Fool is well… brilliant, the +2 extra dice is very handy while getting around those perils.
  • Bard will keep you up in the prestige charts if you’ve been risking those perils and the Squire can get you out of a hairy spot.

War of Attrition

  • Win a game with a Prestige victory on the 9th day or later.
  • This should be easy since most Prestige victories happen after the 9th day.
  • Recommended character: Any.
  • Do your quests, elevate your prestige and protect your king at all costs. Try to see if anyone is planning to infiltrate early and stop them.

Hyena in the Pack

  • As the Prestige Leader, attack the King.
  • Pretty self-explanatory, play the prestige game and once you’re on the top attack the king, for achievement purposes it won’t matter if you win or lose the battle.


  • Win a game of Armello without killing another Hero.
  • Recommended character: Mercurio (Wits amulet), Zosha (Wits amulet). If you have access to the Evade ring get that as well.
  • The Rat Clan Heroes are amazing for this achievement since they can just play the settlement game and control the game with trickery cards, just make sure to not kill anyone with perils.
  • Taking advantage of Landowner and Mercurio’s Hero Power you’ll play trickery cards like it’s nobody’s business, you will want to have a Prestige victory, Patronage and Industry and Allies’ Pact are your best tools here.
  • Use the tab to keep track of everyone’s prestige, only use Game of Thorns when everyone has at least 1 Prestige.
  • If you get lucky in your quests and can get a Royal Banner that will put you very close to victory.
  • Spy Master will help you stay away from trouble and both Coin Master and Trader will help getting more gold to spend on your Trickery business (which you shouldn’t need much thanks to Landowner)


  • Pierce through 3 shields with Thane’s Hero Power.
  • Recommended: Thane with Gold per Kill ring and the Wits amulet.
  • The higher Wits will let you cycle through more cards so you can get the ones with the
  • Sword icons. So level up your Wits followed by your Fight with quests. If you get the Berserker casting Shimmer Shield will help a lot too.
  • Save at least 3 sword cards and burn them in battle against somebody with a lot of shields.
    For this achievement it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the battle.

Force of Nature

  • Defeat a Corrupted Hero with Sana’s Hero Power.
  • Recommended: Sana with the Rot amulet.
  • The main thing that would impair you is the other characters not chosing to get Corrupted.
  • Once they’re Corrupted Sana’s high spirit will give you an edge in battle, if you manage to get more rot than the enemy you can also get a very useful boost.
  • Use spell cards to your advantage, Mirror Image is great for this. Focus will increase your dice by a lot.
  • If you have the same amount of Rot as the opponent you can try using Mountain Moss or The Cleansing Wyld on the opponent to give you the Rot advantage.
  • Items like Hare’s Halberd and Marauder’s Gauntlet will also help.


  • As Amber, have 3 Equipped Treasures and 3 Recruited Followers.
  • For this achievement you’re at the mercy of the RNG as well, I’ve had best results using the Fight amulet to deal with the Banes that spawn in the Dugeons.
  • Choose quests that give either a follower or a treasure as a reward.
  • Also try to explore as much as you can. This being said, Explorer is definitely the best follower that you can have early on for this achievement, Alchemist is also great for that +1 to a stat you get.

Also, trying your luck with the Random Events might work for you. Keep in mind that these are random:

  • Apothecary: Visit a settlement during the day with only 1 health, if you get the event recruit him.
  • Moon Scythe: Visit a stone circle at night, if you get the Druids event choose Scythe.
  • Raven’s Beak Dagger: Explore a dungeon at night and if you get the Goblins event choose the Raven’s Beak.

Loose Change

  • Steal another Hero’s last Gold using Mercurio’s Hero power.
  • Recommended: Wits amulet.
  • This is one of the easiest achievements you can do, having lots of settlements will let you play more Trickery cards which in turn can help you control how much gold others have, increase your Wits stat as much as you can.
  • Keep track of the gold of other players by mousing over them or using the Hero Shelf panel on the right of the screen, bring them to 1 gold remaining and then capture one of their settlements.
  • One thing you can do if they’re already broke is playing a Merchant’s Agreement on them during the daytime and in the night steal a settlement from them.

Cry us a River

  • Make 3 Kills in one Turn using River’s Hero power.
  • Making justice to the achievement’s name, this is probably the hardest achievement to pull off.
  • Recommended: Celestite Ring + either Wits or Spirit amulet
  • Disregard leveling up fight entirely, for this achievement you shouldn’t be getting into battles at all. Instead level up Wits and Spirit so you can get more cards and cycle through them easily.
  • Your goal here is to pick off 3 characters with 1 health, getting to them is the hard part, you can use your items to bring them to 1 health and then pick them off.
  • You will want cards like Haste and Hot Rot Wine that will give you more AP to give chase to heroes who are a little bit far from you.
  • Other useful cards for this are Moonbite, Immolate, Throwing Axe to bring opponents to that 1 health. Trickery cards are great too, you will really have to use every tool you have to pull this off.
  • Try to get a Sailor’s Lantern just in case someone gets Stealth. Place a few Tanglevines, Hidden Traps and even Crooks to keep them close for the kill. Mercenaries are great too but watch out for the damage, you want to kill with your Hero Power.
  • A good strategy is to prepare your hand with Haste, Teleport and some damaging cards. On the day cast Haste on yourself and then use the night’s fresh Magic to use Teleport and reach those who are far away from you. Get them to 1 health with your cards and finish them off with your hero power.
  • You can get creative using Welcoming Party on yourself when you’re in a Settlement or casting Banish as an alternative to Teleport, provided that they’re close to a Dungeon (you might risk waking a Bane up though)

Ancient’s Wrath

  • Annihilate another Hero with Brun’s Hero power active.
  • Oh boy, Annihilate is an overkill of 10+. Also it doesn’t matter if you die as long as you get the annihilate result.
  • Don’t fall in the trap of increasing anything but Fight as Brun. He has very low wits and spirit which will limit the amount of spells that you will be able to cast in a single turn.
  • Recommended: Jade ring + Fight amulet – Rot amulet can be a very good choice too.
  • Brun has a very high Fight stat, further increase this with quests, equip yourself with offensive items, such as the Heavy Flail, try to get the Bane Blade and the Moon Scythe (Druids random encounter – Stone Circles at night, avoid this if you’re Corrupted). Level up your Spirit and Wits if you want but disregard Body entirely.
  • Once you’re geared up make sure to cast at least 1 spell before a fight, a good thing you can do is cast Aflame on yourself to make all your suns explode (If you have the Moon Scythe as well you’ll have an astounding 50% of exploding dice on every dice). Try to camp heroes with low health, keep Moonbite and Immolate for quick snipes.
  • If you get super lucky you can also get Warlock, who will let you cast spells for health, Apprentice is also an amazing find thanks to Brun’s low magic capabilities, Berserker gives you extra fight which is amazing and Blacksmith can give you a helpful boost.

Armed and Dangerous

  • As Barnaby, have three Items Equipped and have a full Hand of Item Cards.
  • Recommended: Pink Topaz + Any amulet except Wits
  • For this achievement play the settlement game, capture as many as you can, even if it means to ignore quests for a bit (you can get a lucky break and find the Trader early on).
  • Quickly burn through your non-item cards and equip everything you find, don’t level up your wits since you’ll need less items in your hand to get this achievement.

Missing Shadow

  • Finish a game with Zosha having never been revealed at Night.
  • Recommended: Obsidian Ring + Wits/Grow amulet.
  • For this achievement you will have to play extremely safe, do not engage anything at night, remember where everyone was at the end of the day and try to predict where the opponents are going and stay out of their way (killing them during the day is fine).
  • The best thing you can do is have the Sailor’s Lantern giving you the much needed Scout if you’re going to move at night.
  • Spy Master is the best follower you can have for this achievement since you will know where the other heroes are trying to go to.
  • Avoid at all costs finishing your dayturn next to a Dungeon since a Bane can (and will) spawn in there and you might be unlucky enough to get attacked.
  • Alternatively if you don’t like fun you can stay at your clan grounds pressing the End Turn button until the game ends.

All-Seeing Eye

  • Have the Spy Glass and Sailor’s Lantern Equipped at the same time.
  • The Wombo Combo of this game.
  • One of the best item combos in the game, any hero can do this but I’d recommend Mercurio with high Wits, play the settlement game and cycle through item cards until you find them.


  • Have your Items grant you six or more Shields in Battle.
  • This only takes in account your equipped items, not any other source of shields
  • Recommended: Barnaby with Pink Topaz + Wits amulet
  • Having high Wits will let you cycle through items faster and Barnaby’s Hero Power is amazing to equip yourself. Avoid all non-defensive items.
  • Finding a Heavy Plate Armour is the best thing that can happen to you, since you can equip it and then replace it for a 0 cost +3 shields (with the downside of the -1 AP) so equip it again when you’re going to battle.
  • You can get extra lucky if you find a Lionheart Breastplate, if you don’t, Battle Armour works just as fine.
  • Once you get that +6 shields go looking for trouble.

Iguana Jones

  • Find and Equip three Treasures from Dungeons.
  • Recommended: Amber (Emerald Ring + Fight amulet so you can deal a bit better with Banes)
  • This is one of the most RNG dependant achievements, so disregard every quest and just camp a dungeon until you find 3 treasures. (Random events such as the Druids or the Goblins don’t count). Also remember to equip them!
  • Try to find a Dungeon next to some Plains so you can take advantage of the +2 shields of the Emerald Ring, this will help you stay alive if when you summon Banes at night.


  • Heal a Bane.
  • One of the easiest achievements, pick a Hero with high wits so you cycle through item cards quickly until you find either Wyld Weed or Wyldsap and play it on an injured

Thunder Dome

  • Play Lightning Strike to a Hero standing on a Palace Tile.
  • This is one of the most funthings to do if you enjoy frustrating other players close to victory.
  • Play a hero with high Spirit (at least 5) and high Wits. Sana is excellent with the Jade ring and the Wits amulet.
  • Level up your Wits and cycle through spells until you find Lightning Strike and wait for an enemy to stand on the Palace and hit them with the lightning strike.
  • You can also use your high stats to break in and then bait them into that freshly opened tile.
  • Apprentice and Warlock are great followers to help you cast these spells. Conjurer will help you cycle through your spell cards, just make sure that you don’t play Lightning Strike as a peril.
  • Also, if you get bored of waiting for people to get to the palace it also works casting Lightning Strikeon yourself.

Bully Mammoth

  • Kill the same Hero 5 times in a single game.
  • Even if you both die in battle the Kill counts as a kill.
  • Recommended: Barnaby (Emerald Ring + Fight amulet), Thane (Gold per Kill ring + Fight amulet). Zosha (Fight/Wits amulet)
  • Pick a target and bully them, with Barnaby you can even equip yourself and camp them in front of their Clan Grounds where there’s usually Plains to make the most of your ring
  • If you’re playing other heroes with Wits kills that you get with cards count as well. Mercenaries is very, very strong.

Down the Rabbit Hole

  • In a single game, find two Portals by Exploring Dungeons.
  • Any character can do this, just camp dungeons until you find two portals.


  • In one turn, Kill a Hero with whom you currently have an Allies’ Pact and take one of their Settlements.
  • Recommended: Mercurio (Wits amulet)
  • The greatest thing about this achievement is that you don’t even need to fight the other hero.
  • Take advantage of Landowner and cycle through your Trickery cards until you find Allies’ Pact (you can be super lucky and have someone else cast it on you for whatever reason).
  • Then you can use Mercenaries to kill them off (don’t risk a battle since dying will end both your turn and the Allies’ Pact).
  • Then you can walk to their settlement or if you saved an Emmisary you can take their settlement from wherever you are.

Folk Hero

  • Overcome ten Perils in a single game.
  • Recommended: Amber (Pink Topaz + Watch amulet so you can get a free symbol match).
  • Amber has high natural Spirit/Wits to fight all these perils, do quests that boost these stats and go head first into any perils you find. (If you can find a Masquerade Mask or a Helm of Heroes you will have an easier time).
  • Try to get your hands on the Sailor’s Lantern + Spy Glass and/or the Brilliant Fool for a pretty much guaranteed success. If you find the Bard you can be on your way to a pretty much free Prestige victory.
  • Even though you have high spirit you should only be going for Trickery cards since these have more perils and probably your best tool: Expendables, each one of these will take 1 dice away from the peril.
  • Scouting will let you know which symbols you’ll need to match before facing the peril if you want to be prepared to burn cards.
  • If you’re the prestige leader always make the king play perils at dawn. Likewise don’t have him play Cursed Lands or Agents of Misfortune
  • Finally, if there aren’t enough perils close to you you can always overcome your own perils, playing Pick Pockets or Wandering Circus on a settlement that you’re about to visit is a win/win situation.

Drop it like it’s Rot

  • In a game, go from being Corrupt to having 0 Rot.
  • Any hero with the Rot amulet. Though the Bear Clan heroes with the Quartz ring can have an easier time.
  • Being Corrupt is getting 5 or more rot, so that’s the first thing you should do, find some cursed items or die to some Banes.
  • The “easiest” way of doing this achievement is by finding the Wyld Talisman treasure but not equipping it until after you’re Corrupted.
  • The other way would be getting lucky with Mountain Moss and The Cleansing Wyld. Once you’re Corrupted you’ll want to start the cleansing, whis is where the Quartz ring comes to play, after you’re no longer Corrupted go to the Stone Circles and you might get lucky enough to get the Druids event and pick Salvation (but this is extremely rare).

Bear Necessities

  • Kill another Hero in Battle with nothing Equipped and no Followers.
  • Recommended: Thane and Brun. Fight amulet
  • For this achievement you only need to kill the other hero, Thane’s Hero Power will ensure the killing blow with the piercing attacks while Brun’s will give you an edge if you cast spells.
  • You can be under the effect of spells and still get this achievement, so having Feral and Brazenberry Ale is a great help.
  • You can even cast offensive cards (Throwing Axe, Immolate) on them before battle so they start with low health, (however killing them off this way doesn’t work for the achievement) making landing the killing blow easier.

Gold Digger

  • In a single game, receive more than ten Gold from Exploring Dungeons.
  • Recommended: Amber (Emerald Ring + Fight amulet to deal with Banes)
  • Again this one depends greatly on the RNG, all you need to do is camp Dungeons.
    You might want to do quests that boost your fight so you can deal better with the occasional
  • Bane and if you manage to find Explorer you’ll have a way easier time doing this achievement.

Siege Specialist

  • Breach the Palace before the 5th Dawn.
  • Recommended: Sana (Watch amulet)
  • Start out by leveling up your Spirit with the first (or second) quest and try to get an Adventurer’s Kitwhile you’re at it (on the best case scenario you’d have the Sailor’s Lantern with the Spy Glasses).
  • If you can get a Brilliant Fool this is a million times easier.
  • Aim for the palace gardens that have the Spirit icon, especially one without a guard dog, going to battle against them is pretty much suicide due to Sana’s poor fight stat.
  • If you can, cast Focus on yourself before attempting to break in (Casting Aflame on yourself can also give you an edge with exploding suns)

Dark Side of the Worm

  • Reach 13 Rot or more in a single game.
  • Recommended: Sana (Any ring but Quartz + Rot amulet)
  • Sana is a character specialized in fighting the Rot, ironically she’s also the best Rot fighter when she’s also Corrupted.
  • Cycle through your spell cards and cast the cursed spells as soon as you get them, also let yourself die to Banes before being Corrupted, once you’re corrupted you won’t get Rot by dying but rather by killing banes in combat.
  • Your only real threat would be heroes without rot, however make sure that you’re constantly harassing them with Plague spells and try to make Banes kill them. Once they’re corrupted they’re easy prey since your Hero Power will get them in battle.
  • Try to get a Raven’s Beak Dagger (which will increase the rot on your enemies, making your Rot battles even better), Bane Blade or Poppet.
  • If an enemy has a Raven’s Beak Dagger you could also try dying to them for a little bump in the Rot.
  • If you see a Warlock try to get her, she doesn’t only give you 2 rot but you’ll have a plethora of spells to cast with high Spirit + Health. The Conjurer will also help you cycle through spells and the Apprentice never hurts to have around.
  • Once you’re Corrupted remember that you can cast Call of the Worm on yourself for free exploding die burn cards.
  • After you get some rot going there are some quests that will also reward you with rot so make sure to get those.


  • Play Reprieve on yourself the same turn you receive a Bounty.
  • Pretty self explanatory.
  • Recommended: Mercurio (Wits emblem)
  • Level up your wits and taking advantage of Landowner cycle through your Trickery cards, save up Reprieve for when you get a bounty, another thing you can do is cast Bounty on yourself followed by Reprieve.

I am the Law

  • Defeat four or more Kings Guards in a single game.
  • Recommended: Thane, River
  • Level up your fight, get good gear and get yourself in trouble.
  • The King’s Guards shouldn’t cause you much trouble, besides taking prestige away from you.
  • Once you have good gear you can go next to the palace and get a bounty on yourself, the Guards will jump straight into your sword like moths to a lantern.

Diplomatic Immunity

  • Kill 3 King’s Guards with a Royal Pardon Equipped.
  • Recommended: Amber (Emerald Ring + Fight amulet)
  • Amber’s Fight is very low at the start, so boost it up with quests, however the main issue here is gettingthe Royal Pardon, you might get lucky with quests or you’ll have to farm dungeons to get it. Once you get it, equip it and go looking for trouble.

The Fresh Prince

  • Steal the King’s Crown in Battle with the Mirror Cape.
  • Now, this is an achievement all about RNG, find the cape and put it upside down, I’d like to take a minute and sit right there, I’ll tell you how to get The Fresh Prince achievement.
  • Recommended: Amber (Emerald Ring + Fight amulet to deal with Banes)
  • Level up your fight so the Banes will cause you less trouble and take advantage of the extra shields by being on Planes.
  • If you get a quest that will reward you with the Mirror Cape go for it, otherwise farm it in the dungeons.
  • Once you have it rush for the king, fight him but if you can try to burn your cards into shields so you don’t necessarily kill him (and to not die in the process) in case you don’t get the right item copied by the cape.
  • This being said it pays to have high wits and play Shimmer Shield on yourself before the battle with the King.

Lemur Neeson

Regain a Recruited Follower to your Party whom you had already lost that game.

Pray to the RNG gods.

Recommended: Amber

Do every quest that will reward you with a follower, boost the required stats with spells to improve your chances of success.

Finding a follower is hard, but finding the same one twice it’s borderline madness. So after questing go and Explore, look for him, find him and recruit him.

Alternatively, and maybe even easier, you can have your follower stolen with Bribery, and then Bribery him back. To do this I’d recommend playing heroes with high Wits such as Mercurio, cycle quickly through the Trickery deck until you find Bribery and find at least one follower, then hope that somebody else will get jealous of your follower and Bribe him.

To get this achievement you have to recruit a follower that you had already recruited in the same game. If you had the card stolen from your hand (Merry Thieves, Glamour, etc) and then steal the card back it doesn’t count.

Random Events

These events can happen only once to each hero each game.

Circle of Power

Be presented with a mystical choice.
This is a random event that happens very rarely on Stone Circles during night, so visit as many Stone Circles as you can in the night round.
You’ll have three choices:

  • “Stone”: Gain a Spirit Stone
  • “Salvation”: Removes all your Rot
  • “Scythe”: Gives you the Moon Scythe treasure card (Moon dice explode)

An Apple a Day

Be saved by a very helpful fellow, just when you need him most.
This is a random event that happens rarely when you visit a Settlement with 1 health remaining during the day.
You’ll have three choices:

  • “Patch me up, doc”: Heals you back to full health
  • “Make me stronger!”: Gives you +1 Body permanently
  • “Join me on the quest for the throne”: Gives you the Apothecary follower card. (+2 Health whenever you heal (this includes Grow amulet, Corruption kills and Stone Circles))

Dungeon Deals

Be tricked and trapped by some troublesome lil’ fellows.
This is a random event that happens very rarely when you visit a Dungeon at night.
You’ll have three choices:

  • “By Soup”: +2 Rot
  • “By Eye”: -1 Body and gain Permanent Scout
  • “By Raven’s Beak”: Gain the Raven’s Beak treasure card

Dark Temptation

Be tempted beyond restraint in a Forest.
This is a random event that happens very rarely when you visit a Forest with at least 1 Rot.
You’ll have three choices:

  • “Power”: Gain 1 Rot and a random Treasure card.
  • “Knowledge”: Gain 1 Rot a Spirit Stone.
  • “Itself”: Gain 1 Rot and heal back to full health.

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