Anthem Overdue Walkthrough

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to pass the mission of Overdue in the Anthem game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Anthem, the next big looter shooter from Mass Effect creators Bioware, is finally here after months of anticipation. Set in an unfinished world where humanity is fighting to survive, you play as a Freelancer equipped with a robotic flying suit called a Javelin that harnesses the power of Anthem, a volatile energy source.

Overdue Walkthrough

  • Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. Traver to Strider’s last known location and search the area for striders tracks.
  • You can spot the location of the Strider tracks by taking a look at the on-screen compass at the top of your screen. The green lights will tell you which direction to go. You will have to find 4 of them.
  • When you have inspected the tracks, you will find strider inside a building, head inside to examine him.
  • Once inside, you will have to face a few scars in the area, take care of them and rescue the Arcanists from their cages.
  • After that, follow the tracked signal until you have reached another group of scars, take care of them as well, and then proceed to destroy their hive that pops up.
  • Finally, enter the bunker and investigate it. Explore the bunker and interact with the Stolen Goods until the Scar Leader, Voraxes appears.
  • Voraxes the Swarming’s weakness is hidden behind his armored legs. Shoot them down first to reveal his soft spot that can quickly bring down his HP bar when hit. Defeat him and the mission is completed.

That’s all this is the end of the mission of Overdue in the Anthem game

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