Anthem Bad Deal Walkthrough

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to pass the mission of Bad Deal in the Anthem game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Anthem, the next big looter shooter from Mass Effect creators Bioware, is finally here after months of anticipation. Set in an unfinished world where humanity is fighting to survive, you play as a Freelancer equipped with a robotic flying suit called a Javelin that harnesses the power of Anthem, a volatile energy source.

Bad Deal Walkthrough

  • Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks.
  • Travel to the site of the outlaw auction and investigate the sites. Outlaws will also ambush you while you are investigating so keep your guard up.
  • Complete the investigation and locate the actual site of the auction, where you will have to eliminate a few more outlaws. After that, recover the 3 fragments, with the help of the compass and defeat the scar buyer.
  • Lympkin is your primary target. He is a Scar Enforcer that will spawn as you fight the Scar. He has a shield that can absorb damage but moves relatively slow compared to other enemies.
  • This will let you get behind him easily and deal damage there. Next, get the Dominion buyer.
  • Kresky is the primary target. He is an enemy that owns a Storm Javelin. He will constantly be floating above the battle hurling elemental attacks at you.
  • Deplete his shield that will cause him to fall to the ground, and unload your firepower on him while he is vulnerable.
  • However, he will not be alone, several Frost Hounds and Frost Brutes will spawn alongside Kresky. Their attacks will have a chance to freeze you, leaving you vulnerable to other attacks.
  • Keep a safe distance to avoid being inflicted with the Frozen status. Kill him and collect your reward.

That’s all this is the end of the mission of Bad Deal in the Anthem game

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