Anthem A Cry for Help Walkthrough

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to pass the mission of A Cry for the Help in the Anthem game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Anthem, the next big looter shooter from Mass Effect creators Bioware, is finally here after months of anticipation. Set in an unfinished world where humanity is fighting to survive, you play as a Freelancer equipped with a robotic flying suit called a Javelin that harnesses the power of Anthem, a volatile energy source.

A Cry for the Help Walkthrough

  • Talk to Yarrow to get this quest, once you have received the quest jump into your Javelin suit and begin the tasks. The mission requires you to follow a distress signal by Strider.
  • Approach the area. Upon your arrival, you will see that Wyverns will be circling the Strider when you arrive. Need to take them out and save Strider. When you have dealt with the enemies, check on him.
  • Strider will tell you to collect some tools. Use Your Compass to locate and retrieve these Tools for Diggs. After this, you will face Lesser Ash Titan, when you are inquiring the ambush site.
  • One of the Lesser Ash Titan’s favorite attack to throw out is to strike the ground, releasing a ring of fire that expands around it.
  • Coming into contact with it will not only damage you but overheat you as well. In order to avoid these, just fly upwards and hover to avoid the rings of fire.
  • It also loves to throw glowing fire orbs at you that will apply a burning debuff in addition to damaging you. You can dodge these by hitting the evade button right before they hit you.
  • Take care of the titan then, Retrieve the Strut, and deliver it to the Strider. After that, you are required to defend Strider from Wolven.
  • The fiercest of them are the frost Wolven, they have the ability to freeze you when they attack, leaving you vulnerable to the rest of the pack’s attacks. Keep your distance when facing them and you should be good.
  • You will also be required to defeat the Ursix. In order to take him out quickly, focus fire on his head, because the head is his weak spot. Another thing to look out for, are the rocks thrown by Ursix.
  • Ursix occasionally will throw rocks at you, especially if you are engaging him from a range. Look out for them, as they deal a substantial amount of damage. Defeat the Ursix and then check with Diggs regarding the repairs.

That’s all this is the end of the mission of A Cry for the Help in the Anthem game

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