Anno 1800 – The Old World Tiers Guide

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The Old World Tiers Guide

There are 5 tiers at Old World. These are: Farmer tier, Worker tier, Artisans tier, Engineers tier, Investors tier.

The farmers

Farmers of the first level residential. When you build new houses, farmers enter.
They have the most basic needs from all levels


Workers represent the bulk of the population in the 19th century. They provide significant manual labor by working in factories.


Artisans belonging to the third level of housing are an educated middle class, which not only specializes in production and trade, but also specializes in crafts.


Engineers are an educated elite seeking to push the world into the modern era through a technological revolution.


The fifth and final level, Investors, is a wealthy elite, representatives of the upper class, who built wealth on inheritances or on their wit and bare hands.


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