Anno 1800 – PC Keyboard Shortcuts

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Anno 1800 PC Keyboard Shortcuts. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

PC Keyboard Shortcuts

Gameplay Keyboard ShortcutsActions
UpPan Camera Forward
DownPan Camera Backward
LeftPan Camera Left
RightPan Camera Right
Keypad –Decrease Game Speed
Keypad +Increase Game Speed
PToggle Pause
F5Jump to Camera Position #1
F9Jump to Camera Position #5 & Rotate
Ctrl + SSave Game
ZRotate Camera Left
XRotate Camera Right
PageUpZoom Camera In
PageDownZoom Camera Out
EscapeClose Window
EscapeCancel/Open Game Menu
Shift + F2Toggle Uplay Overlay
Alt + F4Quit Game


Building Keyboard ShortcutsActions
,Rotating Building Left
,Rotating Building Right
SBuild Road
Shift + SBuild Street
HBuild Residence
WBuild Warehouse
UUpgrade Selection/Upgrade Mode
Shift + UUpgrade All
FPause Production of Selected Building
Shift + FPause Production of Selected Type
DeleteDestroy Selected Object


Ship Keyboard ShortcutsActions
BToggle Build Menu
NToggle Ship List
VToggle Blueprint Mode
MToggle Move Mode
CToggle Copy Mode
DToggle Demolish Mode
TabJump to Next Ship
Tab + ShiftSelect Next Ship
SpaceShow/Hide World Map
Shift + SpaceJump to Selection
F1Toggle Postcard View
LToggle Infolayer
Ctrl + GToggle HUD


Modes Keyboard ShortcutsActions
Shift + VChange Appearance
KOpen Storage


Other Keyboard ShortcutsActions
EscapeClose Postcard View
F2Auto Rotate Camera
HomeReset Camera Position
Ctrl + F5Store Camera Position #1
F6Jump to Camera Position #2
Ctrl + F6Store Camera Position #2
F7Jump to Camera Position #3
Ctrl + F7Store Camera Position #3
F8Jump to Camera Position #4
Ctrl + F8Store Camera Position #4
Ctrl + F9Store Camera Position #5
F10Jump to Camera Position #6 & Rotate
Ctrl + F10Store Camera Position #6
1Select Group
Ctrl + 1Create Group From Selection
2Select Group
Ctrl + 2Create Group From Selection
3Select Group
Ctrl + 3Create Group From Selection
4Select Group
Ctrl + 4Create Group From Selection
5Select Group
Ctrl + 5Create Group From Selection
6Select Group
Ctrl + 6Create Group From Selection
7Select Group
Ctrl + 7Create Group From Selection
8Select Group
Ctrl + 8Create Group From Selection
9Select Group
Ctrl + 9Create Group From Selection
0Select Group
Ctrl + 0Create Group From Selection


This is the ending of Anno 1800 – Keyboard Shortcuts guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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