Anno 1800 – City Building Guide

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City Building Guide

City 1

Description: Each residence in this layout is close enough to all dependent buildings to get the maximum number of residents.

Cost of construction:

22000 – credits
640 – timber
90 – Bricks
36 – Steel beams
40 – windows

Service Cost:

-390 Outflow of Funds

Total Population: 5440

City 2

Description: Tier III is fully autonomous and modular, with almost complete service coverage.

The maximum total population implies that all residential premises have been upgraded to level 3.

Cost of construction:

19500 – Credits
76 – Timber
65 – Bricks
36 – Steel beams
40 – Windows

Service Cost:

-340 Outflow of funds

Maximum total population: 2880

City 3

Description: The Tier III plan, which contains 478 houses (or 486, with 4 smaller fire stations).

Cost of construction:

47,500 credits
1200 timber
265 Bricks
160 Steel beams
170 Windows

Service Cost:

-1190 outflow of funds
-50 Effect

Max. Total population: 14340


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