AMID EVIL How to Get All Achievements Guide (Tips & Tricks)

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How to Get Achievements



Rather than list the achievements as is, I’ve re-ordered them in categories, to make it easier to find a specific achievement.

‘Level’ refers to a single level. ‘Episode’ refers to ALL LEVELS in that Episode. ‘SOUL-MODE’ refers to when your Soul Meter is charged.

There is only 1 Difficulty related achievement (Check the ‘META’ section for more info) but aside from that, all achievements can be done on any difficulty you want.

Cheats do NOT disable achievements, so feel free to use them. *This guide was written with no cheats active in mind.


‘The chosen one’

Saviour of the Moon
Beat Astral Equinox

Saviour of the Sentinels
Beat Domain of the Sentinels

Saviour of the Pilgrim
Beat the Sacred Path

Saviour of the Sun
Beat Solar Solstice

Saviour of the Machine
Beat the Forges

Saviour of the Mages
Beat the Arcane Expanse

Saviour of the Universe
Beat the Abyss

The chosen one
Rest easy.

Episode 1 and 2 must be completed in order before moving on. Once done, Episodes 3 – 6 can be done in any order you want. Episode 7 is only accessed once all 6 Episodes are completed. Once you beat Episode 7, you will reach the final level, and after a button prompt, you will complete the game and reach the credits sequence, during which you will get ‘The chosen one’. Completing each episode will unlock their respective achievements. Simply play through the game and enjoy it.

+ Can be done on any difficulty (Difficulty does affect certain requirements)
+ Can be done with any cheats


I’ll sum up my Notes and Tips here. Pressing ‘TAB’ twice in quick succession will bring up a Statistics window that shows you Kills, Secrets Found, Time, Destructible, Inscriptions read and Mana. I recommend you get all of these achievements in E1L1.

+ Can be done on any difficulty
+ Can be done on any level
+ Can be done with cheats


Kill all enemies in a level

*Story related, can’t be missed

Very easy, just kill all enemies in any level. Some enemies might be in Secret Areas or won’t trigger till you pick up a Weapon or Power-Up, so keep exploring. Also enemies will gradually make their way towards you, so wait it out. Since you have to fight bosses, some of which only have 1 enemy you WILL get this achievement.

+ Difficulty changes the amount of enemies in a level


Read all inscriptions in a level.

*Story related, can’t be missed

Inscriptions are writings on walls that are translated when you get near them. Simply read all of them and complete the level for your achievement. Since some levels don’t have Inscriptions, the game counts them as being read.


Find all secrets in a level

Secrets are areas that are off the main trail and require some exploration or hitting a button to find. Simply visit them all and complete the level for your achievement. The easiest to do these are in Boss levels, as they often have 1 or 2 areas. Follow this guide by Steam User Bag_Of_BOnes on Episode 1 – 7 100% Secrets guide here.

‘Speed Runner’

Speed Runner
Beat a level’s par time

Each level has a par time that can be seen in the Statistics Window. Simply complete the level under the par time for your achievement. I recommend you play a level a couple of times over and over to get a feel for it and work on slowly improving your speed until you can beat the par time.


Destroy all decorations in a level

Each level has different kinds of destructible. These includes fire pots, torches, windows and other miscellaneous items. Simply destroy them all and complete the level for your achievement.


Kill all enemies in an episode

*You don’t have to play the whole episode in 1 sitting

Much like the Killer achievement, the same thing applies, except this time it is for an entire episode. Pick any episode and kill all enemies in each level for this achievement. Now this can only be done for 1 episode, meaning you can’t pick different levels from different episodes, it must all be from 1 episode.

+ Must be done on 1 episode
+ You can take breaks in between
+ Must be done on a single difficulty


Don’t pickup anything in a level

*Story related, can’t be missed

This is actually an extremely hard achievement, due to the nature of the game. This refers to any and everything. Health, Souls, Mana of any kind and Weapons. Simply complete a level without picking up anything for your achievement. Choose a Boss level to help reduce the chance of pick-ups. Alternatively, the very last level has no pick-ups, so the game will count that as completing a level without picking up anything.


Get through a level without killing anything

*Can’t be done on Boss levels or levels without enemies

You can’t kill or allow enemies to die in any level. Simply beat a level without killing any enemies for your achievement. I recommend you pick a level and learn as much as you can so you can plan how to beat it without killing anything.

+ Enemies killing other enemies does count towards the Kill statistics, so make sure to not cause friendly fire

‘Close Shave’

Close Shave
Finish a level on less than 10 health

Pick any level, kill all enemies and then damage yourself on a fire pot. Once your health is below 10, complete the level for your achievement.

‘Ready for anything’

Ready for anything
Finish a level with full mana

You have different kinds of Mana. Blue, Orange, Green and Purple. Complete a level with all of them maxed out to get your achievement. You’ll want to do this on easy because your Axe can 1-shot most enemies with a direct blow. Make sure to pick up as much Mana as you can, and if a level requires you to shoot buttons, leave some Mana behind so you can resupply when needed.

+ All 4 Mana must be maxed, even in levels that don’t have them


Finish a level with no mana

Whenever you run out of Mana, you will switch to the next weapon automatically. When you automatically default to the Axe, you will know you’re out of Mana. Simply complete a level and when you reach the exit, waste it all and then end the level for your achievement.

‘Soul Sacrifice’

Soul Sacrifice
Finish a level with soul mode on

When you pick up enough souls, you can turn on ‘SOUL MODE’ which allows you to deal double and faster damage. Simply complete a level with it active for your achievement. Some levels have ‘SOUL ORBS’ that give full Souls. When you’ve reach the exit, go back, pick it up and then turn it on before you exit. I recommend you turn on ‘Use Alt fire for Soul Mode’ in the menu so you don’t accidentally use your Soul Mode.


Get all awards in a level

The description is misleading. Hardcore is given when you earn 6 or more Awards in a level. Doing 6 of the tasks mentioned above and complete the level for your achievement.


‘The almighty power’

The almighty power
Use each soul mode attack once

When you pick up enough souls, you can turn on ‘SOUL MODE’ which allows you to deal double and faster damage. You don’t need to complete a level or get a kill, you just need to use them. I recommend you do this once you have all weapons and some Mana. Activate it and quickly cycle through all the weapons. The weapons are:

  • Axe of the Black Labyrinth
  • Staff of the Azure Orb
  • Whisper’s Edge
  • Voltride
  • Celestial Claw
  • Star of Torment
  • Aeturnum


Banish 10 enemies into a black hole

You will need the Aeturnum for this one. The Aeturnum is the purple, glowing weapon (The last weapon to be obtained). Once Soul-Mode is active, use it and fire it. Instead of firing a bomb, it fires a Black Hole that sucks all nearby enemies (and Players) in. Simply kill 10 enemies for your achievement.


Blow up the earth

You will need the Celestial Claw. The Celestial Claw is the weapon that fires planets that explode. One of the planets that it pulls is The Earth, so when you see Earth, fire it and you’ll get your achievement.

+ You’ll get a Message prompt letting you know you’ve done it

‘Super Nova’

Super Nova
Destroy 5 enemies with a sun

You will need the Celestial Claw. Once Soul-Mode is activated, you will fire the Sun instead of planets. Simply kill 5 enemies for your achievement.

‘Heh, Brutal’

Heh, Brutal
Axe kill 10 enemies in under 10 seconds

You will need the Axe of the Black Labyrinth. Once you get the first kill, the timer begins. Kill 10 enemies within that 10 seconds for your achievement. I recommend you use Soul-Mode for this, as the Axe turns into a meat grinder and can be held down for quick speed. Lure 10 enemies to you and kill them all.


Use the Axe underwater, in soul mode.

You will need the Axe of the Black Labyrinth. Hop into a body of water and use Soul-Mode. Hold down the ‘FIRE’ button and move around for your achievement. I recommend the first level for this, as it has a giant lake and a Soul Orb for you.


‘Soul Limbo’

Soul Limbo
Extend soul mode for 30 seconds

Every time you pick up a Soul, you get 1 second increase in duration. Simply keep Soul-Mode going for 30 seconds for your achievement. I recommend you kill a ton of enemies and avoid picking up Souls when you’re full, activate Soul-Mode and slowly pick up Souls to keep it going. Alternatively, you can play Hoards of Evil and farm it there.


Get 100 Overkills

There are multiple ways to get Overkills. First is any kill in Soul-Mode is considered an Overkill. The others are:

When using the Voltride, after shocking an enemy to death, if you keep holding down the ‘FIRE’ button, his body will begin to shake and then explode.

When using the Staff of Torment, if you strike an enemy extremely close, it is considered an Overkill.

Decapitating enemies with the Whisper’s Edge is considered an Overkill.

Simply kill 100 enemies by using any of the methods for your achievement. This is a cumulative achievement and works across multiple saves.



Quit the game

Quit AMID EVIL for your achievement. This achievement is slightly glitched, so keep exiting the game and you should get it eventually.


Die in the Gateway

There are multiple ways to get this, but the easiest is to find a Fire Pot and hop on it. Eventually you’ll burn to death and you will get your achievement. The second method is to go to the Hard Difficulty area and hop off the side.


‘Amid Difficulty’

Amid Difficulty
Find Evil Difficulty

During the Difficulty Selection Room, if you go to the ‘Hard’ difficulty and fall in between the blocks, take the elevator up. Once up, walk along the edge back to the Selection Room. There is a small gap in the wall you can enter. Go through it and follow the path to activate Evil Difficulty.

+ You don’t need to complete a level, you just need to find it

‘Filthy Cheater’

Filthy Cheater
Use a cheat code

In the Codex is a Cheats tab. Simply pick one and activate it by typing in-game. Once activated, you’ll get your achievement

‘A Real Klutz’

A Real Klutz
Experience each type of death

There are 7 different kinds of death you can get in AMID EVIL. Simply die to each one.

COOKED: Lava or enemies that shoot Fire Projectiles
MELTED: Enemies that spray acid. Can be found in E3L2 (The plant creatures)
SLICED: Any enemies that have swords
SQUISHED: Enemies that throw Projectiles or the Environment
OBLITERATED: This can only be obtained by the Aeturnum’s Soul-Mode Black Holes
KABOOM: This can only be obtained by the Celestial Claw
YOU DIED: This can only be obtained by falling off the map in any Episode except the last one (Because it will teleport you back to the platform)

+ Kills track over multiple saves, doesn’t need to be done in the one playthrough

‘He swims, he hungers’

He swims, he hungers

In the Gateway, if you head to the ‘Arcane Expanse’ Portal and hop behind it, you can enter a small pool. From there, swim to the bottom and through a vine patch into a portal that takes you to the secret level. Now complete the level for your achievement.

‘If you can…’


Once you’ve beaten the final level, you’re taken to this area. Behind the other Champions is a staircase that leas to under the island. Go to it and you get your achievement.



In E3L1 (The Sacred Path, Journeyman’s Way) about halfway through you will come to a hallway full of enemies. Once all of them are dead, rather than progress, you will need to do some parkour and you’ll come to a maze. Solve the maze for your achievement. Watch the video because explaining it is very hard to do without a visual reference.

+ Can be done on any difficulty
+ Can be done with cheats

This is the ending of AMID EVIL How to Get All Achievement Guide & Walkthrough (Tips & Tricks) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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