Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Achievements – Medals

Welcome if you are reading this. In this guide, you will learn many Tips and Tricks, such as the basics of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. You will learn how to play Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and you will find here guide Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Medals.

In this guide, I will tell you how to get all the medals in the company and multiplayer. The information is taken from the English Wikia.

Hope you have fun.


Bronze Ace-Destroy 1000 enemy hostiles.
Silver Ace-Destroy 2000 enemy hostiles.
Gold Ace-Destroy 3000 enemy hostiles.
Bronze Marksman-Shoot down 50 aircraft with the machine gun.
Silver Marksman-Shoot down 200 aircraft with the machine gun.
Gold Marksman-Shoot down 300 aircraft with the machine gun.
Bronze Wings-Earn an S Rank on all missions on Normal difficulty.
Silver Wings-Earn an S Rank on all missions on Hard difficulty.
Gold Wings-Earn an S Rank on all missions on Ace difficulty.
Raze The Roof-Destroy 1500 enemy surface targets (excluding ships).
Ship Of Liberty-Sink 100 enemy ships.
Ghostbuster-Shoot down 200 enemy drones.
Mass Destruction-Shoot down 30 or more UAVs in Campaign Mission 03, “Two-pronged Strategy”.
Silence Is Golden-Penetrate the radar network within 3 minutes in Campaign Mission 04, “Rescue”.
First Try-Destroy 50 or more ground targets without using the Return Line in Campaign Mission 06, “Long Day”.
Relieved-Shoot down all UAVs before seven allies send distress signals in Campaign Mission 07, “First Contact”.
Guardian-Destroy 16 or more ground targets in Campaign Mission 10, “Transfer Orders”.
Clairvoyant-Destroy all missile silos within 5 minutes in Campaign Mission 13, “Bunker Buster”.
Whoa, Man-Do not take any damage in Campaign Mission 15, “Battle for Farbanti”.
Getting The Job Done-Shoot down Mihaly in 5 minutes or less without using special weapons in Campaign Mission 18, “Lost Kingdom”.
Dropping the Bird-Destroy the Arsenal Bird without using the Machine Gun in Campaign Mission 19, “Lighthouse”.
Piloted-Destroy all targets using only the Machine Gun in Campaign Mission 20, “Dark Blue”.
Not A Scratch-Complete campaign mode without taking damage.
Machine Gun Maniac-Complete campaign mode using only the machine guns.
Photon Blitz-Complete one run of the campaign in a cumulative time of 4 hours or less. This cannot be done in Free Mission, and this requires restarting the story if the story has already been completed.


Bronze Ace-Shoot down 50 rival aircraft.
Silver Ace-Shoot down 100 rival aircraft.
Gold Ace-Shoot down 200 rival aircraft.
Bronze Wings-Sortie in multiplayer mode 25 times.
Silver Wings-Sortie in multiplayer mode 50 times.
Gold Wings-Sortie in multiplayer mode 100 times.
Sky Stalker-Come first in Battle Royal 3 times.
Win 50 Team Death Match games.
All for the Glory-Earn the MVP in Team Death Match.
Say It Cloud and Proud-Receive each of the performance evaluations “Escape Artist”, “Cloud Seeker”, and “Hide and Seeker” three times or more.

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