9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena Weapon / Combat Tips & Tricks

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Before the guide, you should read the guide on how to upgrade your character. Here is the link:

How to Upgrade Character Tips & Tricks

Weapon / Combat Tips

Obviously, this game is in early access and will change a lot.

Currently, the Sword is the best weapon. It has a long range attack, a mini teleport/jump attack and an overpowered basic attack which interrupts both spear and chi blaster uses.

1. Sword

Find a tier 3 sword looting buildings, some types of buildings have them more commonly than other types. Explore the map and learn where they mostly drop. Prioritise book upgrades that increase attack power. This is the most important! Secondly, the books that reduce the cooldown of the attacks are really handy, seriously.

Thirdly, book upgrades that increase range/speed of the sword heavy attack are good. The book upgrades which lessen how much cp points you use aren’t needed in my opinion. Its very easy to slurp down some liquor or use a cp potion instead.

So, using a sword in combat, vs spear and chi users, simply smash left click and win! IF they are skilled and maintain distance from you, carefully aim the right click range attack to shave down their health and make them nervous! Also, double tap the movement keys to close the distance.

Regarding the Q special attack, it can be quite powerful. Upon using it, your character has a mid- range teleport where he jumps in and slices the enemies you locked on ( enemies showing up red in your mouse pointer ). This attack can be tricky to aim right. Don’t make the mistake of using it too far away and don’t make the mistake of using it if the enemy is moving! It will miss.

The Q special attack is best used on a face to face attack spam with an enemy or when you are attacking unaware groups at the end game brawl. Basically, use this attack when they are stationary and at a close to mid-range distance otherwise, you will miss.

Also, you can sense when you’re going to miss ( they are walking towards you while you press Q ), you can swing your character around using your mouse to rotate your hero and catch the enemy with your Q attack instead of missing! This will sometimes work, if they are still kinda close. This tactic also works with basic attacks on those annoying ninjas who think back flipping and doing cartwheels is super cool and will make you die! Simply rotate your character very fast to surprise them with sword attacks in the face in their new location!

2. Spear

This weapon has the second fastest close range attack speed with sword seeming to be faster and chi blasters getting interupted by both sword and spear.
Spear also has the highest damage it seems. Add on the high tier red book upgrades plus some gingseng roots and bread of life = insane damage!

basic attacks have a nice range, especially the last attack in the basic attack combo which sweeps out in a wide arc. Once again, rotate your character to hit dodging enemies and you’ll hit them with that last wide sweep!

With the Right click heavy attack, it can be a nice jump and gank attack in the end game brawl. Carefully position yourself behind a group of brawling enemies, right click and smash hell on them! If aimed right, you’ll knock them all down for a few seconds 🙂 Once knocked down, activate the Q attack for high damage!

The Q attack is high damage but has a very narrow and short range. This attack is easy to miss and must be aimed, timed carefully. Use this either before or after basic attacks when 1 on 1 with enemies or as a ganking surprise attack from behind at the dragon altar or after you’ve knocked them down with the right click heavy attack.

Keep in mind vs sword attackers, you will lose if you try and out click them in basic attacks!!!! Either block them and flip out or flip our as soon as possible. Try and surprise them with a rick click slam or Q poke attack.

3. Chi blasters

Chi blasters are ok if you got a nice tier 3/4 weapon plus a good set of upgrade books such as power upgrades/cool down upgrades. The increase in range in basic attacks is also really handy as you can step back from the fight and blast like crazy using basic attacks.
Very important to be nimble on your feet! If a sword or spear user is closing the gap on you, then you must either, maintain distance by dodging forwards to back, or you can try your luck in timing the diamond palm on your opponent.
Diamond palm has a lousy range and is easily dodged/avoided. I prefer to use this on mass brawls in the end game fight when people aren’t expecting it. Works amazing!

Personally, I only play chi blaster if I get a good set of red book upgrades from the mysterious lady, otherwise it feels like less damage compared to either sword or spear.

Get Jade keys or not?

There are pro’s and cons in getting a jade key. The obvious benefit is that they make you take less damage and dish out more.

The main cons are that once you activate the dragon altar, you have a big target on your back and other players that are smart, will target you. The other con is that it takes time and luck to find the green jade keys and that time could be spent finding elixers, weapon upgrade books and killing other players to steal their loot!

If you haven’t found any and someone else has, then try and get to the yellow marked jade altar first, and intercept other players trying to walk up the stairs to activate it. If they activate it, then don’t hit the other players, focus on doubling back on him to whittle their health down, don’t one on one unless you have a stronger character than they despite their jade key.

Once they are dead, immediately look their jade key for yourself, YAY!!

Final tips

Final Combat Tips for winning the game:

* Don’t be a hero and tank every one end game! Let someone else do that, haha.
* You picked up some potions, right? Well, why don’t you F*****g use them? Before combat, pop some cp potions, ability potions and a hp potion. They are hot keyed to numbers 5 6 7. Use them and be ahead of the crowd.
* Before the endgame during random encounters, if you meet someone who’s weapon is stronger than yours, RUN. Don’t be a hero and try and fight them, they are stronger! Unless you’re super confidant in your skills, get out of there and find some upgrades! Double tap your movement keys, then shift sprint away.
* At the endgame brawl, carefully observe everyone. Who seems to be the strongest? Target those who are smoking with blood lust! Circle around them and hit the competition from behind as they cull out the herd. You must ignore other players and gang up on the strongest enemies before theirs only you and them left, in which case you will have a harder battle to fight.
* Get good at dodging out of combat, quickly running away and eating some dumplings, hp potion or some chops!
* Clarify your goals, is it to win or too get as many kills as possible?
* The skill book ‘detection’ is really handy during the endgame fight to take tabs on who’s intelligent in running out of battles to hide up, heal and upgrade.
* Got defeated? Go on the replay mode, change the viewpoint to free camera and analyse your mistakes.

This is the ending of 9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena Weapon / Combat Tips & Tricks guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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