9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena How to Upgrade Character Tips & Tricks

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Weapon / Combat Tips & Tricks

Upgrading your Character

Here’s your top priorities in upgrading your character as fast as possible.

1. Elixers – Increases said attribute permanently

* Tianjing peach – increases your health, very good for becoming harder to kill!

* Ancient Gingseng root – Increases attack power permanently

* Mushroom things – Yeah, they are ok, increases your CP or mana points permanently.

Where can elixers be found? They are the second most common drop at the ‘mysterious lady’ who spawns randomly across the map. Fast running to her should be a top prioritiy. See someone else talking to her? Attack them at once! Or wait until the loot drops, then dart into either ninja it, or kill them and obtain it. Best of all beat them to the lady and get those rewards first!!

The mysterious lady drops four main types of loot. Here they are listed in order of frequency dropped:

1 Ancient Tea, Lamb chops, and the biggest tier back pack.
2 One of each of the three upgrade elixers
3 Either a tier 4 weapon and red upgrade books to match or simply the red upgrade books
4 tier 3 golden armour, daggers and skill books ( detection and stealth )

2 is a handy upgrade and 3 can give some crazily overpowered weapon/book combinations.

Keep in mind, the mysterious lady re-spawns a few minutes after disappearing so it may be worth it too loot around the area, try and find some green jade keys etc while waiting for her to respawn. Alternatively, you can dash across the map to go to the next spawn.

Elixers can also be found randomly in houses and in certain hidden locations around the map. Lantern posts often have them, also, those little chick pen cages next to the track, often have them inside as well. I could upload some photos, but happy hunting!

2. Beads of life

The second aspect of upgrading your character’s stats are ‘Beads of life’ the soul energy or whatever of your defeated opponent or someone else’s kill that they neglected too loot. These are awesome! Right click on them, and they increase all your stats and upgrade you. Do this whenever and as soon as possible!

This is the ending of 9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena How to Upgrade Character Tips & Tricks guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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