404Sight How to Get All Achievements Guide

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100% Achievement Guide

Just a quick achievement guide, to help you try and 100% the game!


I Missed – Just fall off the map, and you’ll get the achievement. Nothing too complicated.

Speed Test – Just use your sprint ability (Right click if you’re on mouse and keyboard) and you’ve got yourself another easy achievement.

Common Carrier – You will more than likely just get this by accident on the tutorial level, but if for some reason you don’t, then just turn off your Ping for 40 seconds, and then it should be all yours.

Tutorial Triumphant – Beat the first level and you’ll acquire this one, no problem.

404 Flight – Just fall off the map 4 times. You will more than likely get this one just by playing the game for a few minutes.

Packet Loss – Another achievement which you’ll probably get by accident, but if for some reason you don’t, just run over the slow lane (red stuff) until you die. Simples!

Speed is King – Use your sprint ability a total of 10 times and you’ll acquire this achievement. You’ll probably get it by accident anyway, so not really much reason to try for it.

DDOS – Just repeatedly left click (ping ability) and you will eventually get it. 50 clicks will do the trick for this one.

Why Would You Do That? – Just press H on your keyboard. Yep! That’s it.

Bit of Effort

Data Cap – You need to spend 35 seconds in total with your bandwidth level (health bar) at below half ON LEVEL 2! All you gotta do is run on the slow lane until it is below the requirement, and then just wait. It doesn’t regen on its own, so you shouldn’t have any troubles.
Binge Watcher – ON LEVEL 5, you must spend 40 seconds in total with your bandwidth level higher than 50%, so you basically just do the reverse of Data Cap. Run on a fast lane (green stuff) for a bit, then wait for the achievement to pop.

Connection Bounced – All this one requires you to do is jump at least 10 times on LEVEL 7. (Thanks to the dev for specifying that one for me.)

Deus Ex Machina – Destroy 5 inhibitors (the drills) using your sprint ability ON LEVEL 7. There’s plenty around, so you shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with this achievement.

Gigabit Guru – ON LEVEL 10, run around on a fast lane (green stuff) until the achievement unlocks for you. It’s really not all that difficult to acquire this one.

Repeat Offender – Die 3 times due to running out of bandwidth. Basically, find a slow lane or one of the drill thingy ma bobs, and just run until you die. Do this until you get the achievement.

Power User – On LEVEL 8, run on a fast lane until your bandwidth bar is completely full, and then just stay there. In about a minute the achievement will drop for you, all thanks to the fact it doesn’t go down unless you run on a slow lane. (As suggested by The Living Glitch, turn off your ping when at max, then wait. Should do the trick if you’re struggling.)

More of a Pain

Dial-Up Denizen – On this one you need to run on a slow lane for 15 seconds in total. So, what I suggest is run on a fast lane, get to max bandwidth, then walk backwards (easier to control if you’re walking backwards) onto a slow lane until you’re close to dying, then come off. From then on just repeat the cycle until the achievement is yours.
Prism – Prism is actually kind of a pain, as it pretty much requires you to run around the whole of LEVEL 12, until you’ve set off enough of those drill buggers. Thankfully though, I believe it is in total, so even if you die and reset from a checkpoint, I think it still counts to your overall total. Although, I do believe you have to finish the level for it to unlock.

Complete the Game

Internet Saved – This is just a simple, “beat the game to unlock” type of achievement. Finish the game and you’ll acquire it. (Also, if you had already beaten the game, while the achievement was currently bugged, just play the last level again. That’s all I had to do, and then it finally became unlocked.)

This is the ending of 404Sight How to Get All Achievement Guide guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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