404Sight How to Fix Low FPS

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When you play you, you can’t handle it and getting huge lag, here is the solution how to fix fps dropdowns, lags and freezes in 404Sight

404Sight How to Fix Low FPS

404Sight is a lucklaster game in terms of optimization. it lags, freezes and runs extremely slow on certain PC specs and looks like has a personal grunge against non-widescreen monitors (say 1280×1024, 3:4). developer promised to fix those issues, but looks like it never happened

if you happen to have low fps in the 404Sight, then, you can try following fixes that -might- increase fps in your case

Step #1

Open the following file:


(use any text editor, like Notepad)

Find the following lines:


And change them to:


Step #2

Then, in the same file find the following lines:


And change them to:


Step #3

Then open the game and change a “screen parecent” graphical option to “low“. check in-game’s fps. if runs smoothly, then increase “”screen parecent” by one step. in a bad case, the game will run quite good on “screen parecent” set to “low” only


  • r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim” determines amount of light around the models (the bloom-kinda-post-efect). because of the bad optimization (and bottlenecks in Unreal Engine itself) – that “bloom-effect” scales badly on non-widescreen monitors and violently decreses fps
  • r.MotionBlurQuality” determines the quality of the blur effect and, again, it scales on some monitor’s resolution
  • screen parecent” is a an option to set the amount of scaling based on monitor resolution. say, if you have a 1280×1024 monitor and set said option to “ultra” – then game will scale all textures and post-effects according to monitor’s full width and height, but if you set “low” then game will scale everything by 1/4 of said height and width

Basically, those settings deal with two biggest graphical hogs: bloom and blur, which tend to decrease fps the most, and significantly decrease their effect on the game graphics, and then, via “screen parecent” option we set the percent of scaling of such effects (and textures, shadows, shaders)

This is the ending of 404Sight How to Fix Low FPS, lag guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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